Third eye messages

Can demons send messages though third eye like flash visions of their responses. If so would chanting it’s enn while activating it, then mentally saying what you want do it?

Yes they send messages through your third eye.
Visions of agreement even instructions.
Why not invoke a demon and asked for them to empower your working.
Then visualise what you want and create what you want yourself.

Instructions below

Expand your energy field/Aura the size of the house
Then to the size of your neighbourhood
Then to the size of the country
Then extend to the size of the earth
Then keep pushing it out further
Beyond our galaxies
Beyond all galaxies
Beyond all the planes of existence
Then see all of existence as a light
As you expand further and further out
The light becomes smaller and smaller.
I see it as a cirle of light.
As the circle of light becomes smaller
You are surrounded by darkness, the void
Which is the very fabric of existence
Able to create and destroy
You are the void, become the void
Feel the omni presence, all knowing, all powerful
Feeling this gives you.

Then create light from darkness
A bubble of light created from the void.
Within that bubble is what you want to create.
Create anything you want.
Knowing that you are the creator of your reality.
Give your commands.
As you give your commands, see it happening.
Dont force it, just let it happen.

Once it is created and seen.
See that bubble and push it into reality.
From the darkness push that bubble from the void into that small spec of light until you see it merge.
A bright light will flash.
You have now created your reality.
State: It is done/My will be done.

Then leave the void bring back your aura/energy field. Back to this world. Back to yourself. Know that it is done.

If you need to change something, change it. We are all different and work differently. Let it flow.

@DarkestKnight @Lady_Eva @lawclerk @Lady_Eva @anon48079295 could this work?

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I believe they can send visions, but I wouldn’t exactly say it’s sending it to your third eye. Rather, your psychic senses are picking up on the energetic message they’re sending you. In this case your clairvoyance which isn’t 100% to do with the 3rd eye.

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But would the whole chanting their enn while activating my third eye and then saying what I want work? @anon48079295

Definitely!! Deity’s communicate telepathically with visions using symbols. Yes, you would definitely start and open a communication link, this could be useful for divination.