Third eye exercises (Looking for volunteers)

Alright so, I’ve been taking up a new form of development and working it into my practice, it’s called Black Dragon Nei-Kung. Anyway, the instructor had a Q&A with another ‘adept’ (Just gona say Adept because not sure if this guy views himself as a sorcerer, mystic etc or what.)

One question was “How do you know if your Third eye is open?” and the Adept answered him, “You can bring projections into this reality”

Now I thought about them a moment and realized that is something I’ve done for years and never knew what it was…but it makes sense.

When people train to see auras, they train their mind to see the after image of something. A person, a book, fruit etc.

This got me thinking, to be able to make a image from your own imagination and project it till you see it should be similar in nature right?

When you look at some images for a long time then look away you can see a after image of sorts. Yet we have the ability to make our own without looking at a image for a long time.

Try this, look at a blank wall and try to image a spot where a shape is forming, any shape with work. but try something simple like a circle, a square, triange etc.

Try this and see if you can see the image on the wall, Anyone interested in trying to see if this develops other abilities, post your progress, I’ll be doing the same.

I have been practicing this same thing for a while without knowing that that’s what opening the their eye was. What I knew was that one of this its uses was the projection of images. I always did it by visualizing and feeling the energy going out of he ajna and constructing something either in the black mirror or just in front of me.

Here is some more, add as you like.

Close your eyes, and create images in the darkness or simply eatch the images without control. This is a acuall meditation to develop the third eye

When I first got into the occult I started doing this. I started with a simple dot, I would coalesce the shadows and compress them into a little black dot on the wall. Then I would hold that dot on the wall and in my mind and from this dot I would pull out shapes, simple thought forms and eventually little realms to look into. I can not attest to the benefit of doing this, and I don’t use it anymore now but practicing it did seem to help me transition into new areas of the occult easier. Be it opening gateways to the astral or catching a glimpse of what I was evoking.