Third Eye Attacked, is this possible? Please read before advising

This happened last Sunday (6/21) and I have researched the form to no avail. And other sources and haven’t found anything as to why this happened. I was asleep and even though I woke up, I was calm.

There was a lot of pressure where my third eye was at, there was a high pitched tone, and tingling from my head to my feet. I have not performed any rituals since being in isolation.

I am not sure if I was being attacked or if someone was trying to connect with me through my energies. My ancestors told me to ignore it and push through whatever was happening. As soon as we heard the words: “She’s stronger than we thought!” - my ancestors told me to breathe.

As soon as I breathed, the energy connection was lost and I went straight back to sleep. My ancestors have kept quiet about the experience. And I have not given it much thought, until today.

Or is it possible that a someone could be testing my abilities? When I woke up the next morning, I didn’t feel drained. Yet, I could feel my ancestors worried about someone else.

Or is it entirely possible for someone to give me their energy, as they know what is going to be soon?

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This is exactly what happened to me and my friend (that isn’t into magick but is very sensitive to energies) a few weeks ago.

The way I felt it was: a little weird but at the same time pleasurable.

I don’t know what it’s supposed to mean either so I’m following this thread; my first guess at the time was that the earth is going trough some (vibrational?) changes and every single one of us will feel something. I remember being a discussion on the forum about this as well at the time. I might be wrong though.

:unamused: errrr, there was no pleasure.

it actually felt like my head was going to explode from the intention of whatever or whomever was trying to reach me. my head feels like that a lot lately.

and the sexual energy has started to run amuck in my system. except this time, i know how to control the urges. it’s interesting.

and i have to do a break up spell, which is not a normal break up spell. it’s a spell to break off the energies with someone from my past, because i am still angry at a choice they made. maybe it’s not a break up spell.

but poof, i feel like someone or something has known about my existence for a while. but, i am not allowed to speak to it or with it.

it’s pointless to explain it. i just feel like my head is always going to explode and it’s connected to my root charkra.

my ancestors have gone quiet, because they know i want to have sex. but…i am in isolation. there isn’t anyone around me who interests me. no one i want to connect with.

so, i translate the sexual energy into learning. into research. into defining my purpose. to eating correctly. to building better habits.

there are those moments when Lucifer will knock on the “door” and i am summoned. but that is private. i am not even allowed to self pleasure.

wooooooow. tangent galore.

the feeling of your head being ready to explode most likely stems from built up energy that your third eye chakra is not yet ready to handle. Most often people open and bring the energies down to the lower chakras, especially the root, which is perhaps why you sense a connection there. Beings can give you more energy in the chakras and heal them and maybe they didnt think you were strong enough to handle that load the way you did

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thank you. :heartbeat: my chakras have been opened for a while.

except, i have already seen the eye of the dragon. this happened last summer.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! i think i understand.