Third eye area tingling

Hello all! I just tried a specific meditation that is supposed to open up the third eye. The day I tried it a had a massive headache, and every day after that for the past week I have experienced tingling on my forehead in the third eye area. The tingling sensation happens whenever I am in a relaxed state.

I’m just wondering if any of you have had similar experiences and if so what happened next?

One suggestion: Don’t do energy work to the excesses that you apparently did. If you’re giving yourself headaches, you’re doing too much. Light stimulation is plenty when you’re starting out. You can damage your energetic systems and the physical structures if you go overboard, which will ultimately slow down or halt your progress.

Now, to answer your question - yes, when a person stimulates their chakras, they will get tingling or other sensations. Merely stimulating your third-eye won’t open up visions though - it takes a fair amount of work and development, but stimulation is one of the tools to get there.

Have you read Robert Bruce’s work? He has a pretty extensive discussion on this topic, as well as a number of exercises tuned to training your energy body. Astral Dynamics is the classic goto for this, and I would try to find the revised edition. You can also get a lot of good info for free from his website.

He’s right, I’m re-reading Astral Dynamics because I was kid last time I did. It has a wealth of info that I’m sure you would be interested in reading. My 3rd eye always tingles when working with it. To the point where I can just think about the area and it will start buzzing. Its almost to much moat of the time so I find just light work when doing chakra meditations is plenty.

Redcircle, thank you for suggesting Astral Dynamics. I read his e-book last night and it has a lot of great information that I am going to try out.

I found it interesting that he suggest to find out how you receive visions first instead of trying to figure out what they are. Last night when closing my eyes I was seeing what looked like an artist drawing of an open field with some trees. I opened my eyes to make sure I was not dreaming and I was in my bed. When I closed my eyes the image appeared again, and then it looked like a scetch book of similar images being flipped through that gave the appearance of movement like wind blowing through the scene. This happened twice last night but the second time I was zooming in on an individual clump of grass with wind blowing through it. So I guess this is how I receive images (Like flipping through a scetch book).

I just think this was kind of an interesting experience, so I thought I would share.

You’re welcome. And yea, thanks for sharing your experience. You will likely experience visions in other ways, but that’s a pretty cool one.

what meditation did you use?

Headaches mean it’s working. You’ll get used to it

Yea, i got my today’s headache.

Got to get ready for 17th july