Third Entity Creation

There is one and another one.

Each one on their own can only produce so much potentiality so that range is limited.

When the potentiality of the two combine, an event occurs. That is the acceleration where through the energies are drawn forth and collected together.

If the two are willfully resonate and retaining stability through various phases of turbulence, then another field will begin to shine between them - The Third Entity

When the Third Entity is born, the summated potentiality of the two together, the summated of the one and the other one individually, are combined into the third entity.

Yet, due to the nature of these powers and the inherency of the established space where upon these powers are co-created, the third entity doubles itself allowing both parties to collect the fullness of the summation.

Upon receiving the fullness of summation of the third entity, a minor ascension type event occurs whereby the involved parties are regenerated.

Most of the time this is a mutual benefit. Though, sometimes during an intense dance, it’s possible for one of the participants to essential slip, causing a distortion in the sequence. Otherwise, sometimes during a debate an event may occur during which inflammation may occur in various places in the body among other issues. Co-creativity is a genuine power. Beware of who you curse, for there through you invite yourself with them to a co-creative platform.

Even upon the very initiation of thought the foreripple has already gone forth. Personally, I prefer mutually beneficial TEC.

Just curious as to your Source. The power of 3 is called working on the Male and Female aspect of the Soul and the third is harmonizing them and empowering with the Kundalini rising.

The symbol for this Union is the right triangle, in case anyone asks.