Thinking Of Working Left Hand Path

Hello fellow forum practioners, I have done an lot of reading recently on the forum, mainly on duke bune and king paimon, I have the advantage of an private place to do the summoning rituals in peace and quiet

I have been looking into this Theta/Gamma state along with the ideas of food and drink offerings, I am planning soon to put an plan in place to get myself tuned in the head into the right spirit/entity and state of mind to start working with those two spirits and then to see where that takes me, :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time reading and if anyone has any tips or quesitons then let me know and I will happily reply

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What are you asking?

I am asking Bune for money to start with

What are you asking of us?

I am just asking for tips and advice to get an good result from working with Duke Bune

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Evoke Bune on a Thursday at sunrise. Use Green or Orange candles and offer Oranges, Rum and honey.


Thanks, thats an good start :slight_smile: Though does it have to be that early, on the Thursday morning ?

Is that so you can have a lay in ?
If it is results you are looking for it’s best to follow the idea’s of people like @anon18063248 who clearly has worked with Duchess Bune before and knows how to get the best results This is why this forum is so terriffic Because greater Left hand path people than us are willing to share their hard won knowledge
If you start cutting corners and showing them disrespect before you have started it won’t be long before a Demon kicks your arse .
I accidently made a mistake when handling a ritual one day and in one week I had lost £4000 and was running around a fire storm made out of my finances trying to put it out with a watering can.I felt sometimes that week that they were laughing their socks off at my vain attemts to stop it.
Do yourself a favour learn quickly and save your self a lot of trouble Happy Magick Herbie

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Okay Herbie thanks for the tip, I can get up that early if needed though thanks for the advice

I meant no disrespect to the demon, in terms of starting effort I am putting in, infact I had earlier on had an try at an meditation on youtube which is supposed to stimulate the connection with Bune, :slight_smile:

I was already planning on offering wine and chocolates and I even have my own private shack to have an alter and table inside, I assure you I respect the effort completely


I have worked with Bune for a few years, she is a beautiful spirit. I know about 6am seems to work best for me.

I have also found Marmalde and Chocolate pleases her too.

Bune has helped me so much with money and finding a house when I needed to move. Just be clear in your petition


Good luck with Bune If you get it right she will be there for you we all started where you are The results when they come are sometimes fantastical but setting the clock for 2:45 in the morning because the hour of jupiter is at 3:30 is sometime a sacrifice in it’s self but when you put your self out so do they sometimes i will drive 80 miles to a shop I know to get a certain incense or a particular candle colour if i have run out but because you are thinking about the forthcoming ritual and trying to get it right they go seem to appreciate the effort because those results are usually pretty darned good Happy Magick Herbie

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These are two stimulation meditations,I started earlier today

It;s just an start, though I am also very determined to get into that Gamma/Sync trance state to be able to visually see and talk with Bune and Others, :slight_smile: