Thinking in images or not

I am curious to hear if there are others in here who do not think in images. After reading the book “The journey into spirit” by Kristoffer Hughes it became clear to me that my ability is clairsentience. When something happens, I feel it. It is a physical reaction. Sometimes very overwhelming and sometimes as if a burden has been lifted from me by doing a ritual. When I want to experience something like soul travelling I most often go to a forest. I know that as soon as I enter things will be different. Whatever I feel is some question burning in me, very often wordless, is getting solved in the forest. So for me it is not about going to different planes of reality, but to go on this plane and communicate with different realities. Anyone who recognizes themselves in this?


Yes. Sometimes I must go out to nature. I don’t think the astral plane is really seperate. Places I would see on the astral plane tie into places I know of on this one. I don’t think they’re separate from dreams in much the same way. I have felt like it is time for me to go to the woods and went. Sometimes I would talk to trees. I don’t know how often people believe you can do this, but I do.

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Without first getting high.

Of course doing so should enhance the expereince I say.

If trees are in the mood to talk you can talk to them, I would say. “Talk” in a very broad sense.

I like your straightforward answer. Now I am going to go and make music for some hours. I mostly think in music.


I am musician too, I find that musicing can be the same as spellworking/ritual

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Course it can.

Don’t forget, the origin of applause was the celtic way of breaking spells of musical and oratory ensorcellment.


Yes this happens to me. On a side note I have been feeling VERY drawn to going to a forest :deciduous_tree: lately for spiritual purposes. Over the past year I have slowly been relinquishing this terror that I have of the woods. Sometimes I’m tempted to just say f it and go spend the night there :crazy_face: but I’m just not ready yet. Seems like a powerful and dangerous place


I love the forest. That is all I will say about that.