Thinking about working with King Paimon

Do you guys have any advice/experiences you would care to share with me on this?

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Respect. Respect. Respect.

Respect him, and he will respect you back.

Always call him King Paimon - from what I’ve heard, he believes he earned that position, so he should be called that. Makes sense really.

I’ve also read that he isn’t interested in love matters at all - a great teacher, and will listen to you when you have girl problems, but don’t ask him to bring you love or anything like that.

That’s the most important info. :slight_smile:


Who said anything about girl stuff? I just want to learn some things about certain magickal stuff…

And obviously I’d be respectful with any entity that could ruin me if I pissed them off… What I really want to know is likes, dislikes, things that could endear myself to him, ect…

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You asked for information on him - I gave you information.

Next time, state your goals, if you want better tailored information.


Call him King Paimon.

Wine and chocolate are good, I’ve heard.


Wine and chocolate, and always use his title, got it.

That’s a great way to summon me…:wink:

I would’ve thought you more of a cheese guy than a chocolate guy…

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I also sometimes stab out people’s eyes. And sometimes I just make them dance. I could write poetry…but… I would have to acquire cheese first…

Hey, I have an idea! You could be my champion! You could invent the cheesecake! Haha, uhh.

What where we talking about…?

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Also, you should dress as best as you can during the ritual. He prefers when people dress with formal clothes or at least good clothes.


You’re talking to mister business casual so I got that covered. But thanks.

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