Thinking about working with Hecate

So I did a ritual last night and called on Hecate. I felt a responsive energy. My candle flames were burning quite brightly. I’ve been thinking about working with her. I actually like what she’s about. Darkness, mystery, knowledge, magic, plus she protects outcasts.

What books work well with her?


Queen of Hell, by Mark Alan Smith.
It’s an extensive book, so if you are looking for something less demanding just skip it.


It’s 500 dollars

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Theres a New Edition for less than hundred I think on primal craft web Page. They might have some left. 108 euros delivered outside Europe apparently


didnt see it

Hecatean Magick by B. Morlan. It’s very short and basic but it contains the dark and bright side aspects of this Goddess. It takes you from basic information like casting a circle, some rituals, guided meditations, recipes, etc… You can get it at

That being said it’s light years behind Queen of Hell. QoH you can say it can keep you busy for a lifetime. Relies heavily on evocation, possession and astral/soul travel. Only recommended if you are looking for some real soul transformation; you have to be serious and committed.



I’m hoping for something abit bigger. It seems like there is less information on her compared t other gods.