Think I Met Azazel or Lucifer during soul travel

Alright, I’m going to keep this short. I Have been finding my self in strange worlds when I soul travel
and sometimes I don’t have control over what I’m doing it’s like if my subconscious is carrying out different tasks
and my conscious mind is spectating.
And for short periods I’m able to control my self.
And for most of the time, I’m teleported to other places that look very different to earth or destroyed and in ruins.
The first time it was a place filled with ruins of some old city and green skies that were bathing in green lightning
with weird tentacle-like entities that just stood to glaring at me.

This time I found my self in a grove
beautiful yet kind of depressing.
the water in the lake was indigo and I saw this being looking at me
He was very tall I’d say 12-13 feet.
he was slim but had a strong physique
Looked human but very pale (quiet handsome looked like a vampire with his hair combed back)
and Dark black hair that reached the stump of his neck
And he had these Huge wings both black but they looked like they were made of concrete
although he could flex them easily. I blacked out
when I awoke to see my talking to him (like I said it’s like my subconscious took my body and started piloting it
and my conscious mind was like an orb or a camera hovering around me.)
We were both talking about Nyarlathotep
Then I looked at him and said take care of Nyarlathotep.
Then I woke up feeling extremely confused.
Keep in mind that Lucifer had already told me that the Old ones were calling me
but this is just bizarre.

Although it could have been Lucifer or Azazel I felt like they were the same being in one.

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