Think I am haunted!

Hey guys,

I’m new to astral travel and just started experiencing a lot of things like this since I moved into this apartment I’m living in.
I believe we have either a territorial spirit or I possibly had a spirit attachment which was removed/released in a reiki attunement experience/Kundalini awakening.

For years I had visitation dreams of same guy in my sleep over and over, along with lots of astral sex experiences. I have come to think it may not have been him after some recent experiences:

Shortly after moving in the dream experiences with him in them got more and more frequent…and then right before the spirits exit from my life, there was an astral sex event. However I do believe it still haunts me.

Tonight as I was falling asleep (I took melatonin which helps me astral project) I began to feel the interesting sensation that has been occurring (new to how my OBEs normally are) where I was floating, and then my astral body feels like it is being inverted or like I’m floating upside down. I recognized that I was out and attempted to go somewhere…but instead I just saw a face of a woman which was unfamiliar to me. Something felt weird about the situation and a sudden uneasy feeling took hold of me. My physical body was fighting to regain consciousness and I finally jolted awake and opened my eyes. To my surprise what was in front of me was a floating red wig of hair! It was a bob cut similar to mine, but completely red. I saw no face or anything else but the floating wig.

As it floated away I watched it trail up to the ceiling where my vanity mirror is and grabbed my camera just in tome to get some shots of the red haired ghost.

My question is: do you think this was an apparition of my OWN astral double? I’ve had trouble with other odd things happening in my home as well, usually around that same a vanity. But NEVER have I opened my eyes to witness a floating red wig in front of me!

I’ve also woken up to something standing over me staring while I was sleeping and a feeling of something brushing my leg. Even astral sex with what appeared to be a masculine elemental of some kind. I’ve also seen floating heads and faces coming at me in the dream plane.

But a floating red wig? It seemed incredibly ridiculous…
astral body Or poltergeist?

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I have no idea but something told me to tell you do a full blown banishing rite and purification bath and also look into shadow works