Think Fast

Whoever replies first with a ritual they create right off the top of their head for me to perform, I will perform it tomorrow.

No limits.

I’m bored.

A money and job ritual for me.


You have to create the whole ritual.

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Until u do that it’s still open.

Four red candles, each at a corner of a pentagram. At the 5th corner of the pentagram, you place a yellow candle.

Call upon Belial, and Azazel.

Put a drop of blood on each candle as it burns, and call to both beings once you know they’re there.

To both of you, I come of my own free will, and I come to embrace my blessings and curses as you see fit, I have no problems oh, and no qualms for me to enjoy the blessings and curses of both of you, and I wish to do this in order to be ascended higher than I’ve already reached. I asked you to deliver my pain, my suffering, indeed, the Unholy retribution for all of the wrongs in my life, and I wish for all of my pain to be brought forth to bear.

Blow out each of the candles, and speak to the two beings that they will be allowed to be dismissed once your suffering has been completed.

Have fun


Thank you, Siconyte.

I really need to start writing up the myriad of ideas for experimental workings, for situations exactly like this.

Guess I’m too late.

First, do a Banishing Ritual.

Take one large green pillar candle and carve your name (or person who’s behalf your working for). Dress the candle with cinnamon to draw in money, basil for money and prosperity and some sage for cleansing and protection.

Make a name paper or petition paper, write the name 7 times then turn it 1/4 turn clockwise and write over the names “find work, attract money". Without lifting your pen or pencil from the paper encircle the names with the word “prosperity” until your back to where you started.

Place the paper under the candle along with the sigil of Bune or Clauneck. Sprinkle leftover herbs from when you dressed the candle around the saucer. Light the candle and work it from the morning till noon.

Go into trance/TGS (Theta-Gamma Sync or Gnosis), empower yourself, then open Bethor’s (Jupiter Planetary Intelligence) sigil. Focus your intent and energy from the solar plexus chakra onto the candle.

Pour your intent into it. When you feel that your intent has been made known, set it aside. Thank the spirits, close the ritual.


i need an energy body cleansing ritual

It is done. I have impacted and joined the ranks of thee elite ones. I thank thee, cyberseeker, for today aend tonight have been insanely reality breaking. This ritual came after and during the casting and charging of an orgonite device which I have constructed for devious, yet masterfool purpose. I will give thee, cyberseeker a charged blast of energy to thank aend bless thee.

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Peace and blessings.