Things That Work (Or Don't) For Manifesting A Chosen Outcome

The issues raised here about believing that you already have it when you clearly don’t is not exactly the best method to adopt in my honest opinion. After any ritual I do believe that it’s already mine but I also view it like its on it’s way. By doing this I connect the ownership with expectation and this creates the ideal state of mind to occur without confusing the situation. It’s like buying something off EBay, you know you’ve got it and you’re just waiting for it to get delivered.

I then forget about it as this stops obsessive thinking and releases the residue of the ritual. By combining these principles together, my mind is in the best possible state and opportunity then starts to open up to me. I personally think many of these ‘laws of attraction’ people talk not only in a confusing manner, but just keep regurgitating the same old concepts which are nothing more than universal laws.

My rituals always work because I allow them to, I have faith in them and over years of passionate learning delving deep into the occult arts, I can’t remember the last time I had a failure. Magic always works if you let it work and it will never fail you if you never fail it.

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Everyone talks about not giving a crap to help manifestations work…and yet no one has identified the mechanism makes it work. I have to disagree because the mode that most people operate from one would have to not give q crap. But this hasnt always been the case for me, because sometimes Total Obsession and not backing down has strangely brought things to me as well. But I think something different was going on.

This new topic has been split off from Rygill-85’s thread about Bashar - I believe that a look at the different situations in which we have succeeded or failed to manifest a chosen outcome (material objects or events) is well worth examining,m to see if we can discover any common experiences that precede success, or failure.

I have actually fucked up perfectly normal, non-special and non-complicated orders from Ebay by feeling doubt and worst of all, guilt - something I’m mentioning because like causes brought like effects every single time, which to me makes something a possible law of (my) reality.

Typically, I’ll be bored and order some crafting supplies towards the end of the month or whatever, some point when my funds for non-essentials have been emptied so I’m buying this from non-budgeted money.

I then feel guilty on some level, and/or worry that what I ordered won’t be worth the money anyway, and without fail, those orders get massively delayed, or go missing entirely in the post, or turn out that the seller sent entirely the wrong item and we have a huge hassle trying to sort that.

A lot of what I buy is less than £2 + say £1.80 P&P per order, things like embroidery silks, ribbons, beads and so on, so the time taken to send that back, get a refund on the return shipping, and get the item I finally wanted is way out of proportion for the cash spent.

So I’ll spend maybe £12 on 4 different things and of those, 2 will be not suitable once I get them (or I “accidentally” clicked the wrong size or colour), 1 won’t arrive at all, and the other will be the wrong thing.

Yet I can buy really pricey things as gifts (for example) that I’ve budgeted for, feel great about, and they arrive from (sometimes) around the globe without any significant problems.

So, the reasons I’m sharing my rather tedious buying habits is that if I can fuck up perfectly mundane things that are acquired and shipped via conventional means, then that seems to indicate emotional reactions can affect the entry of new things into one’s life.

In my case those emotions boil down to a deep sense of not really deserving the items, because I’m buying them when I should really have waited, and also worrying about them which means on some level I don’t believe they’re “meant” to be mine.

I’ve also obsessed about things (and situations) and had them show up, that was always when I lacked any sense that I didn’t deserve them/they aren’t “meant” for me, and going back to what I posted here, the method whereby you begin to believe you already asically own that thing (or situation etc) combined with making space for it, does undermine the dual killer I described above.

This is my experience and I’ve managed to achieve many highly improbable things with magick, always in situations where I felt basically entitled to the outcome (I know “entitled” is a word these days that’s coming to mean something mostly negative), whereas getting 3 yards of silver ribbon delivered 200 miles by regular post, yeah, I can totally fuck that up with the wrong emotions - anyway, any thoughts?

I don’t think that thinking too much about something stops it happening as such as long as what you’re doing supports the intention and outcome…hence you can become totally obsessed with your desire and still receive it because your thoughts have put that much energy onto the target.

I get the impression here that you have answered your own question Eva because you mentioned ‘deserve’ and that is very important in the whole process of manifestation. That feeling of not being worthy of something or even inferior to our desires will tend to stop it happening because of how the subconscious works.

Our minds tend to stop us receiving anything we feel we don’t deserve because it will consider survival first and foremost, so whenever we feel this way then the mind interferes because it is trying to protect you…choose what the outcome is

Yeah, that’s what I feel - I am hoping other people will share what has or hasn’t worked for them, and maybe that will affirm or disprove this as a general kind of guideline for magick - and can I take from your post that you’ve found kind of the same thing?

Yes I have definitely experienced failure, not just in magic but in anything else I’ve tried when I felt ‘below’ it in some way or another, which of cause comes down to worthiness like you mentioned and our old pal self esteem…which is simply how good we feel about ourselves, or about the aspects surrounding the situation as well.

I feel a great magician, just like a great musician or a great business man is very sensitive towards these things and can easily ‘fuck up’ more than the average person who is simply too scared to try.

Eva, there’s something else that has just come in here about this whole concept of magic and manifestation in general and that’s the intention itself?

I have definitely failed whenever I have tried to get something I never truly wanted, or whenever I just did something to see if it would work. This then takes it away from just psychology and the ‘self-esteem’ thing as it then brings in BELIEF purely and simply.

If you’re trying to get things that you really don’t want, or your just doing something to prove a point then the failure mechanism also tends to kick in.

[quote=“savodonger, post:7, topic:6940”]Eva, there’s something else that has just come in here about this whole concept of magic and manifestation in general and that’s the intention itself?

I have definitely failed whenever I have tried to get something I never truly wanted, or whenever I just did something to see if it would work.[/quote]

YES - I’ve done jobs and various creative projects in the past, where I tried to do better but in reality, didn’t want to, because any success would have meant being lumbered with doing more of that type of work, at higher and higher levels, forever.

This is something addressed in the book The Now Habit - we often loathe to begin a task because ever since we did something well as a kid and got told that must be what we were going to spend the scarily-long rest of our lives doing, to succeed at something is to become condemned to do that and only that, more and harder, forever.


Going back to a more magickal point of view, I think this is why people’s money magick sometimes fails - money itself isn’t a compelling goal to a lot of people, plus there’s all the emotional baggage about how rich people are selfish and greedy, etc (which they sometimes are, but who wants to join a club they think is really unlikeable, and even evil?).

Agreed with pretty much everything already mentioned in this thread.

I think this is spot on really. I think it’s slightly misleading when people say to ‘act as though you already have it’, because what you really need to be doing, as Savodonger mentioned, is act as though you will soon have it.

As a really lame example, say you wanted to manifest a new storage cabinet for your front room (I had recently been talking to my flatmate about buying a new one for our flat- hence why this is the first example that popped into my head lol), you wouldn’t act as though you already had it as in, standing around with a duster pretending to clean an imaginary cabinet, but rather, you would start preparing for it’s immanent arrival by moving furniture away, making space for it etc. that’s the sort of mentality you need to have- ‘It’s on it’s way to me and I will soon have it, so I better start preparing’. Love the ebay example- that’s a really good way to put it.

I honestly use this technique sooo often, of expecting and acting as though I will soon have whatever it is I want, and it hardly ever fails me.

I don’t think that thinking about something you desire too often pushes it away as E.A. and others like him have suggested. The law of reversed effort/effect is only necessary when trying to rid yourself of something bad or someone/something that will cause you problems in the future if it remains in your life. In that case, reverse effect is necessary because thinking of a problem can keep it around or pull it back to you after the magick has begun to pull it away but in the case of doing magick to attract something to you that you do desire, reverse effect is pointless.

Why would you dwell on something you want before and during ritual then forget about it all together? I know people say that forgetting about is the same thing as acting like you already have it by acting like it’s not important enough to dwell on since you know it’s already yours but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Even if you keep thinking about something you desire, if your thoughts are positive like constant excitement because you just know you will be getting that new car you’ve been needing, will not only reaffirm to yourself that you trust the magick enough to know that it will work but it will make you excited while thinking about it which is also, in its own way, like a continued magick spell that attracts that desire to you.

Every time I’ve ever done magick to gain something that I want when there was nothing negative involved, no people in my way, nothing bad to get rid of, just something I really wanted for myself, I am so excited that I cannot stop thinking about it and my magick still works. In fact, the more I dwell on getting what I want the quicker the results manifest. I have found that for example if I wanted a sudden influx of cash like $400 for some reason, if I do a spell then forget about it, it will happen when the universe deems it appropriate which could be 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months. But if I let myself stay excited every day and think I cannot wait until I get this money because I know I will get it one way or another, it seems like the spell manifests itself in less than a week every time and in 2 days tops I suddenly have that money.

Like if I say, well I don’t know how the universe plans to give me that $400 I need so let me help it along in any way that I can and I figure, let me go ahead and list 20 new items for sale online, maybe one of those items will sell and that’s how I will get my money and the sooner I list those items the sooner they can sell. Then in less than 36 hours later I would suddenly get a huge multi item order for $319 and then get 2 more orders that very same evening for a total of just over $400. So it depends on what type of magick or spell you are doing but I have made some really neat discoveries about the whole supposed reverse law.

I rarely use the law of reversed effort/effect these days unless the magick is to rid myself of something negative and my magick never backfires, it happens quicker than usual. But when doing a spell to say, get rid of a person who is making fun of you and embarrassing you, then of course the law of reverse effort would apply because forgetting the spell would get them out of your mind and that’s wat you want, to forgot about them like they don’t exist so the universe can effectively get them out of your life as if they really don’t exist. So in that case, it would make complete sense to use the law of reverse.

It’s the thinking about it with worry, focusing on the lack etc that seems to be widely-agreed upon as not the best policy. You exhaust those in your ritual or whatever other work, and then stay with that feeling that you already have it - feeling that it’s yours and just not physically present yet, as Savodonger described, not actually “acting as if” to a bizarre extent.

That’s how it worked for me anyway. :slight_smile:

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Lady E, I just read your your original reply on the Bashar thread- about making space in your life for the thing you want to manifest, without acting crazy as though you literally have it already. Yeah, that’s exactly what I was getting at with the cabinet example.

So encouraging that this is a common experience to all of us- proof that this way of thinking actually works.

Isn’t it? :smiley:

That’s what I was hoping for with this thread when I saw the replies above, where I split this off - enough shared common experiences to start formulating certain guidelines we can use ourselves, and also pass along to newer magicians. :slight_smile:

Exactly right Eva. Like attracts like, so if your spell is done to relieve something that is worrying you or making you angry then dwelling on it would only keep what’s troubling you close by or get rid of it, but end up attracting a whole new set of problems your way. I’ve had some magicians recently concerned, ask me, how is this spell ever supposed to work for me because I’m so excited I can’t stop thinking about it?

So it got me thinking more and more, and I told them if what you are dwelling on is excitement of anticipation then it won’t make the spell backfire because you are so certain that it WILL work that you are already happy as if the event, person, or item is already yours. That is blind faith and true belief, and that will get you results quicker than anything! But constantly asking yourself, will this fail because I’m thinking about it too much (even if the thoughts are positive), will only start to place doubt in your mind. So you gotta know when to hold em and know when to fold em when it comes to the law of reversed effort.

Next time someone new here does a spell to attract something they want, try thinking about it at least twice a day with excitement and see how much faster the results will come. Unless of course thinking about it will only make you frustrated until your goal is complete, then forgo that all together.

That’s pretty much how I see it. It’s best to forget it because sooner or later, if you’re constantly thinking about it, a doubt or worry fueled thought will creep in. After that happens, it’s really hard to get the ship righted again. I’ve also had some experiences where I thought I failed, but weeks, months, or longer down the road, I realized it was a fleeting fancy, and not something I truly desired. It’s kind of like your higher self knows best and blocks it. I’m honestly better off that those things failed.

I’m gonna throw something else in here as its been haunting me all day about this thread, and that’s the powers of the Sphinx. I’ve noticed with myself and many more, that keeping silent tends to have a powerful effect for two main reasons.

We all know that peoples envy and jealousy can cause them to try and interfere with our intentions either physically, or mentally as the energy factor here can become detrimental to our outcomes.

However, I’ve also noticed that whenever I’ve told others of my plans then this tends to result either in a backfire or extreme delayed progress and I think I know why, although this could be wrong but I do follow it as the process seems to have a positive effect.

Whenever I’ve mentioned my plans in the past to make myself feel good, which is a form of mental masturbation then I have jinxed or broken the manifestation. I think in these situations, the mind gets aroused by our behaviour and is therefore stimulated enough to not want to engaged anymore in our intention and the more we place ‘the will’ on to this, the more it works against us?

If however, we have to mention our intentions as others need to know at times and this takes place without the egotism or masturbation then the plans still appear to come into fruition.

Dare, Do and keep silent…indeed.

But on the other hand, if you have Confidence, you can outshine the silence with words and weave other people deeper into their own magical webs with your words. I swear myself to open publicity in all my spirituality. I will expose my heart to this world in all of my art.

I have also wondered if telling your plans backfires because one of the people you told is jealous, like maybe they are mad because they can’t do magic as well as they’d like and if they start dwelling on your plans like “That asshole succeeds every time and I try my hardest and nothing ever works for me, so watch them do this spell and get what they want yet again over night with little to no effort while I sit here and suffer and can’t get ahead” If your plans make someone angry or jealous of you, they could be sending negative energy your way by thinking about it and hoping that you don’t get the results you desire this time.

But as for the intention thing again, last night I listed several books on ebay. I have a ton of old metaphysical books on wicca, paganism, palmistry, making incense and oils, etc. and many of them were never even used. I purchased them a few years back and ended up learning everything I need to know before I even had to read them, I also ended up giving up on wicca and converting to the darker stuff so I figured I didn’t need them. I’ve been wanting to sell them because they are good books, in excellent used condition or brand new.

At first I started out (a few years ago) by listing them online below MSRP. So if a book is valued at $14.95 MSRP then I would list it for sale at like $9.95 hoping to sell quickly with the discounted price. Well with the rise of the Amazon-christ over the last few years we are currently in the great tribulation of reading and the books are being left behind (OH NO!) LOL, so every time some fuckjob on Amazon would have the same book listed for $5.49 and I got tired of books no longer selling so I decided not to even bother listing the rest of my books for sale and they have been sitting in my closet for a few years. I can’t sell these at the local flea market because the owner would flip on me and kick me out for selling devil worshipping materials in her flea market. I’ve already been warned about it before.

So last night I said fuck it, I’m tired of hanging onto these books and I’m not donating them either because the donations centers are ran by xtians and they will not put these in the charity thrift stores they will burn them so I decided to list all of my books in lots of 6 books each for a discounted price that way people can’t evaluate the price per each book and compare it to the Amazon prices. I figured if I had enough books in each lot and the overall price was appealing, they would sell. So last night around 9:30 p.m. I got real enthusiastic and staretd listing my book lots, so sure that they would sell very quickly with my main goal being to make some money and get rid of that giant box full of books that was taking up all that room in my closet. I listed each new 6 book set for $22 and each used 6 book set for $14.50.

Again, all I could think of was how happy I would be to finally sell these damn books, I just knew that they WOULD sell. I woke up this morning and a customer asks me if she orders every single book would I give her a discount for the shipping. Well, of course! She paid me not 20 minutes later. I sold every single book to one customer in less than 11 hours. She says she owns a local educational center in Massachusetts for wiccan and pagan residents and wanted these books for the library center there. So, see what I mean? Sometimes you don’t need any spells, just do the opposite of the reverse law and dwell on what you want to the point you are sure you will get it, and you most likely will. I have been practicing and doing this a lot lately and my desires have been coming true in less than 36 hours each time with no formal spells or ingredients, just mind made spells that work by the power of attraction.

I have a suspicion that by telling someone while a spell is in progress functions subconsciously like stage fright. It puts an small pea of fear & doubt to the energies, with you hoping that it does work out & you wont be publicly embarrassed by failure.

This topic got me thinking. Do you suppose it could be beneficial to give a deadline or " estimated time of arrival" to your ritual or intention, and work you plans for it’s manifestation around that. If you ordered a large item on eBay you might of course clear a space in your house for it in a month or so knowing it will need to be put away when it arrives in the mail. Coul similar planning for a magical result enforce the idea that it’s going to appear without question? Work a ritual to obtain a promotion for instance and go out to buy a new pair of work shoes you will need when promoted. Or do a working to obtain a vehicle and clear that junk out of the garage so you have a place to park it.