Things Not (likely) Put in a Grimoire

Very sorry to hear that Norse! It was so sudden… I hope they will find peace in the afterlife.


Thank you. All I can say is that I made sure they weren’t stuck here.


So sorry for your loss. :green_heart:
For what it’s worth, I think you did more than “enough” and not being stuck here is a gift


Thank you.


I couldn’t end up getting the workings done before the evemts yesterday. All of the targets arrived before I did and surprised me. I slept until 0920 in the morning, rather than my natural wakeup time when sleeping in (0830).

It was really stressful and my siblings felt the same way. Outside of saving my sister when she got cornered by two of them, we didn’t interact and I stuck to my own.

Wish I would’ve done the workings the might before, but I wasn’t feeling it.

Anyway, that’s over and I’m sitting here waiting to board the plan in half an hour.


Safe journey my friend


Safe journey it was. Most of my siblings also had to travel and we’re all safely back. Suitcase is still packed, there are rituals to do later, but for now, a simple Thanks to the spirits for their parts in helping make this smoother than I expected.

Before I selected and lit the incense, I was drawn to a conversation I had with Baal and Belial. I felt drawn to read it again and hadn’t since writomg it down late last week. There was part of it that was quite relevant with the conversations had this weekend, during the more stressful event.

Belial: “Let the smaller minds do as they will. Are they in your way?”

No, my lord Belial, they are not. None openly opposed me. And now that others have come forwards to say some things to me, the arch “baddie” of the family, there’s more work to do against my prefered targets.

Death would make them martyrs. I won’t give them that satisfaction. Planning on experimenting with trapping them inside their bodies.

It’ll have to wait, though. I have current campaigns to continue waging tonight.


I’ve done my planned rituals for the day. I was really touched by the support, both public and private, that I recieved. It’s not something that I take for granted.

During that time, I wasn’t able to help some of those I normally do at the level I normally would, which bothers me, even if necessary.

How do you say thanks and help those in need? Why you grab a candle, charge it with gratitude, (specific help fpr specific people), and energy from the Sun and Nature. Then you send the call out to all of those elevated spirits you work with to help those specific people and ask them to help those others, known and unknown, that are willing to recieve it. Only those willing, nothing forced, even those I have carte blanche with in this area.

Blooded (as I do, unbinding to either) and charged.

Oiled (Frankincense and Myhhr, Olive Oil)


This isn’t a “payment” for what’s been given. If you can’t tell, there have been many more times without support than with it, just like many of us here, I bet.

As I sat and opened myself to both my gratitude and those that have given their support, I could feel…others… Those that thought it, included. Not individually (wasn’t necessary), but collectively. Should I not also thank them?

So, this was my solution. Accept it or don’t, no worries. In my heart, FAR less than I’ve been given.

So, thank you. I’ll burn it over the next few days.

Edit – another caveat was that it cannot negatively impact lessons someone needs to learn for their progress. May help, but can’t takw them away. That wouldn’t be right.

Edit 2 - the beer was not harmed in the making of this ritual, but slayed afterwards…


Just since I’ve posted this, this is the candle now.


After a month in the hospital, not only did this person recover, a 1/10000 chance, they recovered completely, with no side-effects, a 1/1000000 chance. Pretty incedible.

I am pleased to have played a part, but the hardest fight was absolutely theirs.

Well done. Here is my thanks, which some of you helped pick out.


Ah, Disodioria…an old flame of sorts from Kingdoms of Flame. A friend suggested using her against a public target and while I felt that could work, I felt it wasn’t a direction I should go.

But the matter wouldn’t drop. She wanted called and…well…she can be a bit intoxicating, so I’m inclined to. Not without a reason, though. The answer came this afternoon. Some leadership and their staff to further the disarray and disorganization I’m reasonably sure is present.

I projected the sorceror’s seal, opened the gate, opened the square, opened Pendralion’s sigil, and then opened Disodioria’s. Then, I projected through it.

Ah, her energy… Pendralion was there, but wasn’t part of the conversation. I had called him as a courtesy, which he was appreciative of. I made my case, she seemed flighty and thinking of other things, but I could feel otherwise. She is AND she’s paying very close attention to you. Both sides are happening at the same time and both are her personality.

Anyway, she requested some Myhhr incense.


Nice! I feel some of the spirits in Kingdoms of Flame don’t get used enough.


I do plan on using more, as I felt some strong resonance with some.

I think people would appreciate them more and maybe get more out of it if they projected to the spirit. The act itself is a sort of payment, due to meeting them on their ground, rather than calling them like any other.


This can be a rough day, being Mother’s Day. I have a friend I am thinking of and wanted to help them through the day. I can feel the heaviness of their heart, as we have worked together a lot and a bond is there.

Knowing they work with Santa Muerte, I called to her and made my request. As I started filling the candle with energy, she stopped me. I had done enough.

Hail Santa Muerte.


Different friend. Different reason.


Sometimes, you just don’t have the answers. If you’ve followed my journeys for a while, you’ve probably noticed that it isn’t uncommon that I have to set something aside because something else came up, a different track that I’ve been led to and return to pick up the previous. This is most notable with my Pele grimoire, where I was told to set it aside to pursue other paths before picking it back up - twice.

Other times, I “complete” a path and know or suspect where I’m going next. This is partially by design. I realized and remembered hearing.all of these LHP practitioners “free” to do as they please, talk about how they were led here and there without realizing it until they were done or well on it’s way in another path.

Seemed much more transparent to state my goals and ask to be guided, since I would actually get more of a say in the process. No sense in just being a sheep and get led without a say in it. This has worked well for years now.

I was a bit thrown off when Baal came to me and told me to set his grimoire work aside (not the gatekeep stuff, not my thing). I didn’t have anything else knocking at the gates. I hadn’t done anything wrong and when I questioned him, it was met with that stonewall, knowing silence that means something else in in play. No hints, nothing.

I had set aside my Tiamat work for this, yet could feel it wasn’t that, either. I even called up and asked. She’s been a regular to my singing offerings, so it’s not like we haven’t talked. She wasn’t giving anything out.

Then why post? Because we don’t always have the answers, even if we normally have a well-defined path. This happens more as time goes on and the published materials are geared more towards selling books than selling knowledge. Whether the Universe is in your hand or not, there is still uncertainty.

But I was given a clue that hasn’t left my mind since I did it. (Lovecraft post). This actually wasn’t the first drawing of the cards. It happened days before and I forgot to draw the Fate card, rendering the rest useless. Baal (not just) was pushing me towards the deck. I had cut off my contact with it when I said I would work within a defined set of spirits for his grimoire (which he relaxed later). I wasn’t willing to call on some of these spirits for fear of altering or contaminating my Baal work, which could’ve left me with less “pure” results from the type of interactions I was doing, the type where the spirits are interacting with you in more than just a simple petition level.

So, I was drawn towards the cards. First with the false pull, then with this published one, half of which doesn’t seem to apply to me. I’m not gifted in this area and haven’t developed it much. I normally rely on my intuition, which served me as a child and in Iraq.

That’s about as much “clarity” as I can give on the matter. I think I’m specifically being drawn towards a smaller form of the Lessons of the Deck thread. Just not sure if I’m going to publish it right away (still have to do the work). I have a feeling my interactions with this set of spirits/entities is going to be a stop-and-go matter.

I guess, when I have more info, besides feeling the pull to start in on the deck as I type this, I will let you know. Progress can be confusing and we often lack the clarity we want.


Wanted to share some stuff. Nothing heavy and whatnot, but noticed.

When Baal said I should put this on hold, I agreed and got ahold of Yog-Sothoth. I had my chat and went about my day. No big deal.

The following day, I noticed how empty my ritual space felt. This didn’t make sense to me. My space hasn’t felt empty since I consecrated it back in September. Landspirits in my yard and adjacent ones, but a largely empty ritual space.

Given what I typically get myself into, I checked my wards and other protections. Everything was fine. I checked my idols and they were still linked…

Then I looked dpwn at the cards that I have been using as open gates/portals with my Baal worj and they all felt…empty. They weren’t needed, so, they were closed.

I’ve spoken about this type of emptiness when I closed the Shadownomicon gate in my backyard, but I still notice when it happens.

I stopped while typing this to light some incense to Hecate, who came to my space. My wife came in 5 minutes ago to tell me am elderly friend of hers I knew has passed. I didn’t know her well, bit knew she was a good gentle woman who helped others until well in her late 80’s. Rest in peace. She will not be stuck.


Just finished this and I’m a bit disappointed. Maybe a handful of rituals. Most of the book is about how other cultures look at death or some of the funerary practices.

An inordinate amount of material was spent on merging with Death energy using the Death Posture, essentially.

If anyone has worked with psychopomps and been taught to access the energy, there isn’t really anything for you here, outside of the practices of other cultures. Even these are short.

I can’t think of someone I would recommend it to, to be honest. It feels like half a book and there isn’t anything in it that is going to change my current practice. Because of this, I don’t think I will be buying Balg books for quite a while, until someone else knowledgeable has spent the money and left a review. Not trying to be a dick, but I do feel obligated to be honest.


I was met by a dozen deceased humans in my yard… Wth? Ah, I hadn’t renewed/recharged my portal that helps them move on. I was getting ready for bed, but this IS more important.

I started by blooding my idols/icons nd the portal stone.



The actual conversation and method DID go in a grimoire. The base for it, anyway. I have SO many thoughts, concerns, and am still putting it together days later.

In my work through of The Necromancer, I talked about how a troublesome human spirit was bound to an object and made to serve. Once it felt it should be freed, I did so, as I said I would. I’d bound other spirits before, but not a human, and this first part of my Pele work.

My relationship with Hel meant that I’d been stopped from binding humans, say, a serial killer, for certain reasons, like torturing the shit out of them because they got off easy. She wouldn’t have interfered, but it would’ve left a stain on the relationship and she is one of the spirits I sing to. It’s a relationship boundary I’ve respected, even if I don’t agree with it.

I like to listen to horror/paranormal videos at work. If the sound effects aren’t too hokey, then I like hearing the ominous background music. I am sensitive to sounds, so it’s like bonus creepy mode sometimes. I have heard most of my favorite sound effect series numerous times. I still enjoy it. Cheap thrills and all that.

But one about a cursed item stuck with me the rest of the day and I heard it first thing. I’ve watched/listened this episode many times before. I went to my ritual space after work. I wasn’t expecting an answer, just hoping for insight.

To my surprise, Hel came. There are spirits that she’d be willing to guide me to that could/should be bound. She also brought my thought back to me, while listening to the video, about how selling them wasn’t much different than a curse, except there’s a physical component involved. I knew it was her, but couldn’t get over that this MUST be my mind telling me what I want. Then Hecate came. They both asked me to call Hades and get a third explanation of it.

I did consult a few good friends on here for their opinions and it actually makes more sense. There are some spirits where binding them to something means they will cause less harm and damage than being allowed to run free. Having reread my notes, this makes sense, as these are NOT your fluffy bunny spirits we’re talking about.

I’m at the point where I can do the experimental work, but not at the point of making them available. I’m still working on the limitations formula (no children, returning to Hel or similar when the item is destroyed, etc…). I still don’t know how to test it.

I have a feeling shit’s about to get crazy around here while I experiment. I suppose beer bottle caps and wine corks will work for now.