Things happening in my sleep

So lately I have been having sleep I don’t know what to call them… attacks? I have had my second lucid dream where something kept chasing me nightmares all the time lately been chocked in my sleep and Azazel has talked tI me any one have any ideas what this means?


What has azazel said?
Don’t know if that matters, but earlier this week I got choked too… :roll_eyes:


If you’re getting attacked in your sleep then banish your space, cleanse the area and yourself, and wear a protective amulet or draw a protective symbol on you when you go to bed. I went through this a long time ago. That’s how I handled it.


Sleep is prime time for communication. Do you actually feel threatened or is it more like an attempt to reach out?


I was going to say the same thing;

PLUS, if you really want to go over the top, then throw on a protective ring, a protective bracelet, and either sleep with your wand, or keep it at arm’s length so that your ethereal body can can grasp the ethereal version of it for dreamtime. When I go into dream world all geared up like this, my rate of godlike sleep goes from about 97% to 99.999%.

And go into sleeptime with intent that you are epic/ legend/ god. Sometimes I forget this, and just drift off absent any real energy, and in those times, I am going in “shields down” and thus vulnerable.


Definitely banish and cleanse immediately


What’s your relationship with Azazel like?

I’m going to remember that.

One thing to remember. It is your dream, you’re the boss. Particularly in lucid dreaming you have even more control of what happens.


It’s funny when there had been several attacks on the forum I decided to look at one of the victims, mentally to see what was going on. I woke up suffocating.


:+1: Emphasizing this :+1:

I’m always getting choked too, lol! :sweat_smile:

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Cleanse and banish…


Ah, well, I think most of it is just Azazel and King Belial screwing around. I honestly don’t doubt it. :joy::sweat_smile:


Well that’s good… it doesn’t seem threatening… :smile:


Hello everyone, I have had the dreams as well wen i was younger for the longest time until i stopped fight back. i could say is meditate on it to see what you can find to fight back.

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Sorry guys first time in awhile I could sleep without nightmares but it’s weird my relationship with Azazel is kind of a lost student tbh he’s wanting to work with me but I just want to be left alone while I heal

He was talking to me about hell if I remember right

And idk if it feels like attacks or what all I know is I’m kinda regretting getting into magic at this point lol.


I’m getting sharp stabbing feelings in my foot in my sleep

A mirror fell off the wall the other night

This morning two glass candle holders were shattered outside on the porch

The choking can be the Succubus method of referring to destruction of the preservation of the here and now, of the Earth Element manifestation. With destruction in the form of wisdom gained through the Succubus, that is revealing the hidden below the surface details. In preparation for the Intensity of the Fiery-Truth of Azazel and the structure of the left-hand path. All in preparation for the coming of Lucifer, so you can then step into the light of the Black-Sun rising in the west so that you may now what is beyond the purely intellectual.

This means you are one of those who have been chosen, to walk for a time the path of the Left-Hand so you can know from a new perspective, the path of the Right-Hand. Where a mysterious knowing will fill you, with all new things known technically perfect will by this other perspective be skewed in a way spoken language transmission will fail to transfer fully to you.