Things Goetic spirits can do that most don't know (Community Dump)

I would like to start a thread about spirits and their powers that aren’t described in any text lets take… shax for example in his writings from the goetia it says he can bring the exorcist a horse if he so desires, now does that mean if i evoked him h would bring me a new car?
see where im going with this?

i have seen someone on here say marbas fixed their care not exactly the type of “Healing” you would imagine but hey if it works it works

so i ask of you guys drop some info for everyone so if anyone is looking for something… out of the box they may be able to find it here.


Like Lucifer been loving and romantic? not estated on Goetia!:grin:
And so he is the Father of Lies?..I love his “lies” like a crazy!^^

EDIT: this the way he behave with me, but always with a lesson in the end of line,for other it may be something else!^^


Eh close enough