Things getting better for a target before they get worse?

I finished up the Master Curse on a target last month. I don’t have any communication with the target, but I just found out that 9 days after the completion of the curse, he started a new job after being unemployed for 5 months. Obviously I’m a bit annoyed seeing that his life seems to be improving, which is what I don’t want. I don’t want to doubt my magic, either. So, does anyone have any stories of things in their target’s life seeming to become better before becoming drastically worse? I think reading stories like that will help me recover some of my confidence in my abilities. I’ll start.

A couple of years ago there was a job that a person REALLY wanted. This person told a very big lie to me, a lie that drastically changed my life, and I didn’t want him to get this job. This was before I worked with magick, but I prayed to one of my ancestors. I explained to my ancestor how the target had hurt my life so deeply, and asked that he not be given the job. The target went through a 3 month interview process and in the end he was offered the job contingent on a polygraph and background check. I was floored. Why didn’t my ancestor come through for me? Well, in the end, the offer was rescinded. He passed the polygraph, and the criminal background check, but I suppose they rescinded the offer due to his credit history. I felt so glad! My ancestor came through for me in a way even better than what I imagined. If the target would have been rejected in the early stages of the interview process that would have sucked for him, but to lose the position after getting SO CLOSE only made the pain of rejection that much worse. Shoutout to my ancestor.

I’d love to hear similar stories of a target thinking their lives were improving, only for it all to come crashing down in the end.


This is actually pretty common in baneful magick. According to EA Koetting, in his book Baneful Magick, it is usually a sign of the curse taking hold.


Why does that happen? Curious to know why things would get better before getting worse?


Koetting gives a few reasons why it happens in his book, but I think the gist of it can be boiled down to a subconscious acknowledgement by the target that his time is running out, so it motivates him to improve his situation.


Maybe because it’s more devastating to go from the top to bottom, or having an opportunity being suddenly taken away from you?

And from a psychological point of view, what difference would it make going from “worse” to “a little more worse”? There’s often a state of indifference in those kind of scenarios. A sigh and shrugging shoulders.


My understanding is that sometimes they get built up a little bit so they have further to fall. If you’re already in a shitty situation you’re not gonna suffer as much as if you’re feeling like you’re on top of the world and everything crumbles around you. Think of it like a sick cosmic joke played on them lol.

Edit: uh so exactly what @succupedia said right before me lol.


I love, love, love to hear this, and everybody’s replies as to why make total sense. Thank you all.

Please keep stories rolling in! I LOVE hearing good “The higher you climb, the harder you fall” stories :grin: I’d share more, but I only have the one in the OP.


…and then he lost both of his arms in a freak accident. For example. Let the magick works its way through the path of less resistance. This new job may lead him to his ruin in several different ways.


You don’t know what this new job is setting your target up for. They may end up getting their asses handed to them because this job set a chain of events in motion, like getting into an accident on the way to or from work, losing his reputation because of something that happened at the job, getting fired, causing depression, insecurities, etc, the list goes on.

Or maybe he just happened to get a new job, and the curse will hit him in other areas of his life. Who knows. The important thing is you say you don’t doubt your work, so I’m sure you are confident in knowing his luck will run out sooner or later.


I agree with everything said above.

I would also add that sometimes the same happens when you ask for the opposite, or for some help.

When you ask for wealth and suddenly lose your job but then find a better one, or when you ask for your ex to come back and she walks away but then someone better comes into your life and you totally forget about the ex.

"Build to destroy" and “Destroy to build” are the two sides of magic.