Things demons like as offerings?

If im asking for something big and im gonna do a blood pact what are some things i could offer?

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I remember a friend who told me honey & milk are good and loved by every astral being.
Also I consider beer.

I’m curious what others will recommend.

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Cigars, cigarettes, alcohol (doesnt need to be expensive, but full of flavor, sometimes something warming or has an ingredient they particularly enjoy), candy, a blue steak (barely cooked, a bit of brown on the outside so its warm, inside a beautiful deep red, sorry thats the cook in me and i enjoy offering meals :smile: ) flowers… Really it just depends on the entity in question. President Marbas likes cinnamon rolls, they’re alot like people in the terms that each has their own preference.

On the cinnamon rolls… does he prefer to full blown possess you so he can taste the rolls through you or just absorb the essence on the plate? I know some good recipes one is even close to the cinnabon ones. There’s quite a few recipes floating around including a book from the 90s I believe.that I have somewhere. Does he like melted butter on them? Filling, frosting? anything extra?

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To see you utelize their energy and rise to your own godhood.
Many times people give uncessary gifts to spirits when they really want to see you grow.

Burning things to commence the changing of time is different but for the most part keep offerings to a minumum and focus on inner alchemy.

Like a good coach seeing you grow is in it of itself a source of enjoyment for them.


It’s usually best to ask the demon what they want if anything, like discussing a contract then basing offerings off people’s subjectivity.

How do i ask? What’s the proper way

However you contact them, invocation, evocation, projection, dreams etc.

I share my offerings in waking life. For food or most things that we as humans enjoy, i find it loses its taste. Like i cigarette wont have any flavor, it becomes nothing. The others who commented are also right, in the gratification of the spirit. It really just depends on what you feel is right. As for the buns, haha, i buy them from a local bakery as i cant bake, I try and the results are awful, but if you can and they’re from a good recipe im sure that both spirit and person alike would be glad to recieve them :slight_smile:

Well, baking is a type of alchemy inho. And when making something I’ve noticed the taste can be different on how much intent and love of the work you put into it. I’ve been in foul moods and made eggs with veggies and it tastes so awful I give it to the birds and other times its divine in a god mood. Same with baked good or any recipe (for me at least).


Don’t forget lots of Sex and emotions. They love that. To feel what a witch feels. For example doing an invocation near a sea or a river. Nature is a big plus. Or having Sex on a sigil with evocation and probably posession of the partner. The problem is the posessed person can act totally strange lots of times after that.


Ask them what they want in return for their help, I actually asked them for a lot of big things in the pact and surprisingly they don’t really want what we might think they want. But offerings should be made to them when you feel like doing it if they don’t ask for it on a specific time. I think all demons like blood the most, they appreciate altars, incenses, maybe alcohol. It depends on what spirit you are going to be working with