Thieving Goetic Spirits

Just want to ask you if you’ve ever encountered some thieving behavior with spirits, in the sense that whatever objects disappear are inherently valuable and do not appear afterwards.

To make a long story short: Summoned Glasya-Labolas and charged him with causing enough trouble for a person they need to move out (this person was violently ousted from his residence, never came back, so it worked). I was late with my payment (loads of whiskey) and during that time money began disappearing from home, but to the point of leaving it in a wallet and next day would be gone.

I have discarded common thieves out of security measures and me basically being the only person around. These disappearances have been accompanied by other weird phenomena such as:

  • Disappearance of food: Bought a box of a knock-off brand of Mars bars, box was closed, leave it in the store room, return to find it back opened and three bars missing.

  • Noises, shadows and the usual.

  • Waking up to a very realistic dream of being repeatedly stabbed.

  • And the grand finale: Go bake a pizza in the oven, cut it in two halves and take one with me. Return like 15 minutes later to find that the other remaining half has been cut into 4 neat pieces.

Whenever the money vanishes, my wallet is left someone in the open where I will find it at first sight. On the other hand, I am not as pissed as I should be about this happening because just when the phenomenon began, I discovered someone tampering with my account, so I take it that Glasya-Labolas (or some other spirit, worked recently with Andromalius who discovers treachery) toyed with my wallet to warn me with all the hideous bullshit going behind my back (in debt now 25 thousand dollars).

So, what do you think? Ever happened this to you?

Maybe you should take a look at this:

Otherwise,why would an almost godly spirit want to steal your food?Or money,or chocolate bars?

Also,maybe the pizza separated in the oven because the cheese contracted,causing the pieces to naturally separate.Only if you had cut it beforehand though.

Thanks man, but I checked my home many times, we have no ducts or any sort of crawlspace (solid cement construction, seemed a good choice, realized the construction crew used some defective materials and sold their houses cheap before running out of the country).

The pizza was not cut before hand, merely cut it in two pieces AFTER being taken out of the oven. The changes happened in 15 minutes after leaving the kitchen, and it was in my plain view, no one could have passed in front of me.

The only reason I see a spirit would steal stuff from me is that, well, my theory goes something like this:

  • Stuff vanishes and appears in uncanny places regularly to most magicians dealing with spirits anyhow.

  • They do it for attention, to call our focus on certain matters.

  • As I said before, been victim of a scam (family member emptied family accounts overnight but was caught, issues will be solved somehow) and the spirit might have wanted to warn me (Andromalius was one of the spirits I worked with).

  • If it was Glasya-Labolas, he is a well known spirit, particularly for his violent temper (he is very helpful once you get to know him, but at first he is violent to the point of causing accidents and confrontations since death through bloodshed is one of his specialities). Being himself a spirit of fire…? Well, let’s just say he manifests through ruination too. Would not be surprised he took my money as means to punish me for my tardiness pertaining a very late payment on my behalf.

Why don’t you evoke him again to ask?That would clear things up,surely.

He just laughs and tells me he’s busy with some other tasks I charged him with, lol.

Then do a divination.Easiest thing you could do right now imo.

Just did, forewarning about defeat (five of swords). Thanks tho :smiley:

Did the missing Mars bars and pizza slicing also occur during the period when you were late with your whiskey payment?

Yes, exclusively.

Something like this happend to me a while ago. I put in the refrigerator some chicken legs and wings. the second day when i wanted to cook them , I opened the refrigerator and didn,t find them , just vanished. This before to be involved in magic!

The lesson of this post is to keep your promises to spirits. Most spirits can’t or won’t harm you physically, but as this post shows, they can mess with your life in other ways.

Yes, exclusively.[/quote]

Sounds like the spirit is upset that you did not deliver their promised goods on time (whiskey) and so he or she is just taking what they feel is rightfully theirs, by helping themself to whatever else they can find that they want.


Not necessarily upset, the reason I asked the question was because it occurred to me that the spirit may have been waiting for the promised payment, but because it didn’t come on time, it felt it either necessary to get your attention to say, “Hey, where da whiskey?” or just took something in the meantime to feed on energetically. Hanging around, waiting for whiskey can be a tiring practice.

Lesson learned I suppose. Thanks friends :smiley:

Oh they CAN hurt you. I did a series of exorcisms on different places (to cleanse buildings) that did not involve mere smudging and going room from room, but direct evocation of helpful spirits and recitation of incantations than rile them up (exorcism of Edinnazu from the Simon Necronomicon). Effects would range from sudden hard fevers (2 weeks in bed, blisters on lips, passing out for up to 2 days straight), clawing marks, waking up to a realistic dream of being stabbed to death by
several assailants that leave a burning sensation/claw marks on body and giving a female friend an intense pain in the ovaries which she described as something in between frozen knife wound / menstrual pain but kinda greater.

Glasya-Labolas, having a fiery nature quite literally, showed his more direct power by:

  • Making the copilot suddenly grab the wheel and get into a slapping argument with the driver, effectively taking them off the road into another road and off my tail.

  • Making me go through three traffic accidents in the same day and getting into a violent confrontation that nearly got me shot. No, I was not driving, I was merely walking down a main street that has only ONE DIRECTIONAL road for traffic.

What I did was attempt to cross the road twice (just 7 feet wide lane, nothing more!) and almost got run over by drivers who, somehow, thought it would be a good idea to suddenly step on their accelerator at a 30 km/h street.

It happened in an interval of 1 hour because I had to walk somewhere quite far. On the way back, as I tried to cross one more time, a security van hits reverse and nearly squashes me against a concrete display. I tapped the doors of the van to let them know I was there, and all I got was harassment from the guards inside. They came out and one was already drawing his weapon (a revolver), so I ran away before I could explain that I wasn’t going to rob the van or anything.

I mean, come on, I am quite big… But you wouldn’t expect a guy to rob a van with nothing more than a keychain. Heck, I wasn’t even wearing a hat, much less a balaclava.

From what I know, some people report getting into fights or accidents after summoning Glasya-Labolas and not earning his favor. A forum denizen mentioned having a fridge explode next to him the very next day after summoning him and asking help with a mathematics test. The thing is that the fridge was left out in the middle of the street by a moving crew, had no obvious electrical connection, and the moment he walks by it, the door blows out of its hinges.

Might have been the gas that is usually found in most old fridges. Could have expanded under the heat of a summer day out in the sun considering it was brought out in the middle of the street, but I’ve seen some models malfunction and all what you get is a loud bang at most and a heavy repair bill. Not the door jumping out at you.

Oh they CAN hurt you.[/quote]

Some definitely can, and often you don’t know which ones until it happens. That’s even more reason to keep your promises to spirits. :slight_smile:

All I ever read about that spirit is dangerous. Bet you won’t fuck up again…

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