Thief's introduction

Hi guys! It’s aries season so I thought it’s finally time to come out of my closet in which I’ve been hanging out with Lucifer for way too long.
So, I’m a closeted witch from Poland. Due to my situation I can’t just go and do a proper ritual with incense and stuff, so I’m doing mostly sigil magic, meditating or trying to figure out whatever spirits want to tell me with cards.
I can feel the currents and shifts of energy but besides that I’m blind and deaf af. Still trying to figure out oobe and this is my biggest goal for now (this and making some pacts, so we can bring our relationship to the next level). Recently, I’ve also started to scry a little and got some weird results, but this needs more polishing before using it to actual work.
While I’m introducing myself now, I actually spent here lots of time during the past few months. Consider me addicted. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share some knowledge with you guys someday, but at the moment it’s my upg, so I’ll stay silent till I learn something that I’m actually sure about. Oh, and of course nice to meet you all!


Welcome to the forum.


How long have you practiced?

Welcome to BALG! You can gain much information by checking out the sites search engine at the upper right dashboard with the magnifying glass :mag_right:.

Thank you!

Thank you!
About 8 months or so. My first attempt in evocation was around september, so I’d say this is the time when I started to be more serious about magic

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Thanks! And yes, that’s girl’s best friend! Shame I can’t see it in the night mode tho…

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