Theurgia Goetia

Has Anyone worked with any of these spirits ? And they are Jinn if I’m not mistaken.

Besides the document itself, I’m not seeing much about the spirits and what they do; or don’t do.

Thank you for any assistance !

Jinn? You mean those Spirits of Mars that are very stubborn? If so, no. The Theurgia beings are not jinn, they are different division of Spirits.

I’ve got the service of Permasiel a lot and Carnasiel: Permasiel boys are good for cleansing haunted house, poisoned food or food with a sort of poison that isn’t in it but called into it (such food, you would only see dark smoke, the vapour be dark too - the poison isn’t really a physical substance, it was done with either incantation or an attack from the spiritual realm).

Carnasiel cleared my path off blockages one time. And he helped with divination other times.

I’ve gotten services of many others there, such Usiel (many people call him demon), Badiel, Geradiel, Hidriel etc


You will find a definition of the attributes of at least 11 of these demons and their 30 auxiliary demons in the DoW book.

Demons of Wrath

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Arent Djinn found in Netzach/AArabZaraq? Just because Asmodeus in Golochab/Geburah is King of the Djinn, Djinn are typically encountered a bit before Asmodeus. Djinn are Fire Elementals, not demons. It doesn’t mean that there are aren’t djinn demons, but when most refer to djinn, they are referring to fire elementals, like gnomes are for earth elementals.