Theta state and altering the mind

For a while I have been practicing and trying to naturally get my brain to slow down to a theta state. I also want to be able to become completely thoughtless which I think maybe is the same as being in theta anyway. I’ve tried several meditations and deep breathing techniques but I don’t feel any different after and I definitely have a lot of thoughts throughout the whole thing. Any advice for me? Also because other people have suggested this before and I don’t want it suggested again, I can’t currently take any illegal drugs because it’s not good for my health and I wouldn’t be able to get them anyway.


First off, you cannot become “completely thoughtless.” Ever. Thought is a function of mind, and neither meditation nor any kind of altered state will remove this function. An EEG registers brain activity in even those at the deepest coma level. Only Death can remove thought.

What meditation does is bring your thoughts under your conscious control, so they cease to be just random flotsam that streaks through your mind, enabling you to grasp and concentrate on a single subject, instead of being distracted by the myriad of irrelevant stuff.

You enter Theta every time you lay down to sleep. Try to consciously extend the period known as the hypnogogic state, which is that place between waking and sleeping. That is where Theta lies, and the best time to practice is as you fall asleep at night, and as you awake in the morning. With practice, you can take control and anchor the state to a gesture, so you can call it up at will.

Remember, your brain can replicate any state of mind just by the memory of the feeling. Once you have consciously entered Theta, your brain can access it at any time via memory, and an anchor reinforces this.


What’s anchoring a state to a gesture mean? What’s anchoring?


Anchoring is when you tie a certain state of mind to something like a gesture, or a sound, or a smell. It gained popularity because of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) but it’s not anything new.

All you do is choose a gesture, like crossing your fingers, as an anchor, and then, when you are in an altered state, cross your fingers and tell yourself that every time you cross your fingers, you will return to this state. Repeat it three times, and then bring yourself out of the altered state. Cross your fingers, and you should return to the altered state you were previously in, though most likely in a lighter state then before. With practice, the anchor becomes deeply embedded in your subconscious mind, and you will be able to return to the altered state faster and more deeply.

You can anchor any state of mind, not just an alpha or theta trance. Emotional states are frequently anchored. That’s why something small, like a buzzing insect, can send someone into a rage, without them understanding why. Sometime in their life, the emotion of anger was anchored to the sound of a buzzing insect, and so it gets triggered.

When you are feeling super confident, you can anchor that state to a gesture so that, if you are in a situation that makes you nervous, you can make the anchor gesture, and bring back that super confidence. It has unlimited uses.


I think as soon as I get into theta I fall asleep like almost instantly and if I try to force myself to stay awake I just feel horrible like really annoyed because all I want is sleep and my body like vibrates so it’s hard to do the anchoring I think at that time but I want to be able to get into theta at any moment because it’s when your most likely to manifest.


try some basic self hypnosis. Relax your body and then visualize a staircase. Count down as you take each step. You will reach at least alpha level possibly even deep alpha and with practice you will be able to go as deep as Theta.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can do magick in Alpha. Theta is really only necessary for a physical materialization of a spirit. I have numerous books of magick in which the alpha state is the only altered state required.


Very important point, thank you


You can get music CDs that can help brainwave patterns - or if nothing else the ambient noise gives you something else to focus on. I like to journey to Shamanic journey drumming, but that’s me.

So, I like the Theta Meditation System by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson which is just ambient noise, and Shamanic Journey Drumming: Spirit Passages by Evelyn Rysdyk & C. Allie Knowlton, which has three tracks - one to call the helping spirits, an hour of solid drumming and a callback signal. I have others but these are the two I always reach for first.

Recently I’ve started meditating to Dark Ambient music, that’s a blast but probably not for everyone, and not if you watch horror that will skew your perception - I don’t watch TV, so.

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There’s a training course called Silva Mind Method. They teach you in 4 days how to master the Alpha Level. Check it out if you’re interested.


Thanks, but I have already mastered the alpha level through self hypnosis.