Theta/Gamma tips please

Gearing up for my first Evocation. What is a reliable method to get into “theta/gamma sync” on demand WITHOUT falling asleep? Yes, im aware of binaural beats. I also prefer not to use incense or candles for I would like to learn it bare in case I don’t have access to them in a clutch. Also if there is a Koetting link or a page I’ve missed already on this topic that will help hit me with it. Thanks.

Breath hard and fast into your stomach. While inhaling expand your body in an outward stretch, stretching your abdominal muscles especially and opening your palms while stretching our your arms.

Now exhale hard and crunch your body, tensing the muscles and bringing your elbows into your stomach. Then open back up as you inhale.

Do this 30 times, if you’re serious, do it 108 times.

Then go to standard meditation, lotus position, and do the same breath in a more relaxed state without the contracting and expanding muscles. Energy should move freely and easily from the previous exercise. Focus on what you feel, try to clear your head, it helps to count breaths or to affirm “my body is asleep but my mind is awake”. Do this until you’re about to fall asleep, let it happen. Just keep reciting and breathing. You’ll black out for a bit with a clear head, no thoughts, but you are awake and aware. It’s hard to describe without being there.

Some indicators its working:

  • you’ll see different colors and shapes on your closed eyelids
  • you’ll hear a high tone frequency and buzzing in the ears. Some hear an engine like noise.
  • you’ll feel as if you’re spinning and vibrating.
  • you’ll audibly hear voices. These are thoughts and spirits. Some are speaking to you, some are nearby and you’re in a receptive state so you hear their thoughts.

If you manage to not fall asleep and you make it through the mini blackout, congrats you made it to theta gamma. With practice the mini blackout will go away. It happens because your brain is used to going to sleep.


Seeker this is the BEST dam advice I’ve gotten on this from anyone. THANK YOU!!!

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