Theta-Gamma Sync


I been trying to get into Theta-Gamma Sync and after several minutes of meditation in front of my eyes starts appearing and disappearing repeatedly the color blue or velvet.

Is that a sign that I have achieved the Theta-Gamma Sync ?

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Its a sign that your third eye is opening.
Your third eye controls your ability to psychically see through the gift of clairvoyance and when you see eyes - in a visionary state - it can mean your psychic, inner sight is being tapped into and now opening for you to use
Do you still mediate?
To get into the TGS you busy get into a state where
Your thoughts slow down as if you got a strong anesthetic
floating feeling. And you sir becomes thicker.

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Thank you for your reply !

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No, what you are experiencing has nothing to do with theta gamma being used at the same time.

Theta is a profound altered stated. Gamma overlaid on it creates an extensive expanded awareness and a being at one with everything kind of feeling in many. It is also transient and is easier to maintain for a small amount of time, say 30 minutes or so if you have those signals being introduced regularly via a light and sound device.

Practice and get good with theta say around 6 cps. Once that is easy, then overlay gamma signals every 5 minutes or so for a few seconds. Say 10 seconds worth.