Theta-gamma-sync vs Astral projection

It seems like both are good methods for pathworkings and forming relationships on the Astral plane. Like most newbies, I struggle with meditation and the ability to clear my and relax my body. I don’t let this stop me from keeping a daily practice, although frustrating.

My question is which method might be easier to get into or more effective for a beginner? Thanks for reading. -Val

Trance state by whatever name you call it is a prerequisite to astral projection. If you can’t master a certain level of trance then you will not be able to protect intentionally but only by accident such as through dreams which you will likely not remember at all.

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@val_sat use The Phase to practice astral projection. It has you do the exercises as soon as you wake up, or in the middle of the night. At the very moment you wake up, you come out of a delta state, which is similar to deep trance state (theta). That’s the ideal time to do projection.

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This book looks awesome, thanks for the reply