Theta Gamma State

I think most magickians agree that acheiving Theta state is vitally important for magick.
Whether you’re scrying or doing spells, evocations etc.
I would like a heads up from all you guys. How do you acheive this? Do you have any exercises to help you?
I’m doing an ‘experiment’ and I’d like to get as many people onboard as I can.
So your input would be much appreciated.

Try drawing a sigil in black marker pen, maybe use a simple one at first for example mepsitahl, you can find it on Google images maybe or in E.A’s mastering evocation workbook pdf. Just gaze at the sigil without concentrating on anything specific, in fact draw your attention to your breathing, concentrate on that and you will notice the lines of the sigil disappear then re-appear. Give it a bash let us know how you go with it.


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Ahead of people replying, don’t forget to use the Search function - that way you get the benefit of posts dating back to the beginning of the forum, and also from people who might not have time to basically re-type what they alreasdy posted. :slight_smile:

If you want to attain TGS to open a sigil, RavensAscent recently did an excellent tutorial on this: Sigil Flashing: Consecration Explained & Simplified for Newbies.

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Well I thought it may be advantageous to everyone to have a look at this site. I’ve been using it a while now but not for ritual.

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