Theta Gamma Question

When you guys and E.A Koetting talk about theta gamma sync and about it looking like “static electricity” … how can i notice it if a have this: going on all the time, how does the static electricity or whatever in theta gamma sync differ from this?

  • are you sure you don’t see this too, i thought this was normal.

Well, for one thing it is not “snow,” like you’d see on a television screen. EA and most of us use the term ‘static rain,’ because it looks similar to raindrops, only they are of light, not water, and it is static, meaning not moving. Some people have described seeing waves or mists of colour instead. Everybody is different. You will know if you are in the sync because the outside world fades away, and your sense of equilibrium will turn off, making you feel like you are falling.

And only now i come to understand this, and only now i looked up the word static - k i feel kinda stupid now. i didn’t actually know what static means, i thought it was actually the opposite of what it is :smiley: (or then something electrical)

You’ll see little pinpricks of light fluttering about