Theta Gama Sync Help!

I know many have post regarding the TG
I’m just getting started with learning TG
Would like some pointers
I usually do the NAP relaxation Ritual

My question is this when doing T/G
When I pull my focus back between the line and the ceiling
I notice my peripheral and environment starting to
Become very foggy like
But I can’t keep the focus because my eyes always blink
First am I getting into T/G when I notice this ?
Second how do I keep my focus/my eyes from blinking ?
At what point can you make your calls ? To the entities ? Say if I am working with the NaP books ? Or calling to any entities?

Gustav Meyrink (and Introduction to Magic by the Ur Group, quoting him) wrote a novel where there is an exercise consisting of sitting and staying still without even blinking. Trataka, and sometimes scrying, are similar: one looks at a point, candle flame or quartz/obsidian ball once again without blinking.
You may train your eyes in this way and/or blinking but maintaining a state of relaxation.
An option is that of immediately look at a sigil and call the Spirit. These very acts induce a trance.

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You can blink. EA says nothing about doing the exercise without blinking.

Think of it like looking out a window at a tree at night. First, the tree is in focus, and can be seen clearly. Then you pull your vision back and bring the focus to your reflection in the glass. When you do that, the reflection is seen clearly, but the tree, while still seen, becomes fuzzy and indistinct from everything else.

That is the effect you are looking for, so when you pull your vision back, it might help if you imagine there is a pane of glass between you and the line and you want your focus to be on that glass a few inches in front. Once you are focused on the imaginary glass, simply hold your vision there, blinking naturally, and then drop your awareness to your breath and follow it for a few minutes. You will experience a sensation of falling and may see little streaks of light around you (what EA calls static rain). That’s the Theta/Gamma sync.

Once you are there, continue focusing on your breath to solidify the altered state. Then you can begin your summoning.

One thing to keep in mind is that TGS is NOT necessary for most magick. All you really need is an Alpha trance (if you want some easy methods for Alpha, just type “trancework” into the search bar).A deep state such as Theta is only needed for the full physical manifestation of spirits.


The more you practice, the better you will get at it. In time, blinking will not get you out of that state.

Also, you may want to partially close your eyes to prevent them from drying out too quickly.

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Sounds like Zen meditation. You just stare at a spot on the wall until it vanishes. This is how you know that you’re in the TGS state.



Aaa got you
I a person who don’t really care much for full manifestation so I’ll definitely give the the Alpha trance a go
Thanks DK

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This .

This my eyes are definitely drying out lol
Thanks will keep this into consideration

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