Theta/ delta without sleep 😴

How can I enter tgs and delta without sleeping that would mess the whole thing up?

Go 4-5 days without sleep.

This is a time honoured way and traditional of entering trance. You will begin to enter periods of trance around the third day, and will be in constant trance by day 5.


What about method without sleep deprivation for days

Dude, how many times are you going to ask the same question? I thought you wanted to know about sleep deprivation.


This forum is full of information on methods to enter Alpha and Theta that do not require sleep deprivation. Instead of opening threads to ask simple questions, why don’t you do some work for yourself and use the search function as numerous people have recommended you do?

If you keep opening threads for the simple stuff, and don’t actually try to find answers for yourself, people will ignore all of your posts because it is quite obvious that you are just being lazy and we don’t like to waste our time.