Theta brainwave cheat

Hmm as a anxiety meds I might be able to get my doctor to order me some. And hiya :slight_smile:

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Antihistamines? Never heard of that one. But screw that, what you want is the gamma frequency, and the cheat for that is obtaining DMT. :grin:

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Take the Benadryll…(its a crazy high, urinary retention…delirium…u dont want it) …

Test this and get back to me…if im wrong, let me know that its ineffective.

  1. make sure ur bed or couch is behind u.

  2. Squat, looking towards the ground.Breathe rapidly short controlled breathes…if ur looking at a sigil, its should start to look funny…

  3. Hold ur breathe, rise rapidly, and hold ur breathe tilting ur head as though u are looking up…

  4. U will collapse, black out slightly, and any rational reference point should be gone…laughter may ensue…

  5. This alteration from the blood rushing out of ur brain into the lower extremities can be held so long as u try to will urself to extend this altered state…It should serve as an entry point into a theta state…the rest is up to u


Am I unto something? The idea came about in an attempt to create a fast casting technique during a period of no privacy, and little time. In the very least its a light trance.


I’m definitely down for some DMT but I’m super broke and in a safe and sober house so I’ll do it anyways if I get the option to. I’ve actually never done it before everyone was always out of it when I’d ask. So what’s your crazy experience with it?

I’ve done shrooms, craziest
Shit of my life I felt like I was surfing the void

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The first time I tried it, I smoked it through a umm… water pipe :sweat_smile:

It was strange, cause when it hit my lungs I felt this cold, as if I had just eaten mint or something. It also felt like my lungs were closing up, but I was advised not to panic, just to breathe through it.

Once I did that, the furniture and stuff around me shrunk/expanded, and floated in the air. There were bright colours… and then a tunnel formed. I gazed into this tunnel, but there were too many distractions that broke the trip. Like the guy who sold it to me, pointing at me and laughing, “Oh look she’s trippin’ hahahaha” and then my ex girlfriend next to me, clinging to me and panicking.

I haven’t been able to get hold of it since, so I’m going to make some once the ingredients arrive.


I wanta try it so bad ,

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Now that sounds like a good plan making some. Yea I’m definitely going to want to either alone or be with people that won’t kill the buzz I want to do it after allready having spirit with me and hopefully be able to just jump right into a full on life like vision. What’s my chances you’ll hook a nigga up lol

Of all the illicit drugs it’s the best one. The trip doesn’t last as long as say, shrooms or LSD, which is good if people are scared or panicking. Plus you don’t feel like shit afterwards… you feel amazing. :grin:

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Haha I would but I have a feeling you’re on the opposite side of the world to me. I’m in Australia. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea basically I’m California USA. Do you live in one of the areas where the spider webs cover absolutely everything, ever hear of the gimpy plant?

Can’t say I have, no :sweat_smile:

How do antihistamines not knock you into a coma? I’m in a deep sleep around half an hour after taking non-drowsy meds! They work better than any sleeping pill, though.

Trouble is, I can’t figure out why they make my low blood pressure even worse. I thought they were supposed to raise it, but I have fainting spells when coming out of an allergy pill-induced sleep.

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In what form are you taking it? I’ve become suspicious of prepared supplements given their unregulated nature, and have read studies done indicating that particularly the vedic herbs can end up with mercury, lead, and other heavy metals from the supplement manufacturers regardless of whether they were sourced from India or not.

I paid attention to these things, to be certified (good ones post the certificate including all lab numbers) to be clear of such things like lead. You have to look what all exists on the market and carefully choose the right one. You should also check, that it’s free of gelatine, sometimes used for covering the powder and not genetically modified.

Something I discovered through my research: Check the withanolid/withania ratio it contains. The natural row powder contains usually 1,5% to 5%. Supplements talking about containing 15% or more are enriched through extracts and other industrial methods and contain no longer just the natural product. You should prefer one with the lower numbers and simply take more of it.

I’m not sure, if it’s because of the video, or of the other things I’ve done recently, but, if I took it alone, I would say that this video worked for me!

Definetely fall into a deeper state and had more sensations and activity from my succubus (or rather succubae… I felt she weren’t alone!). Since the details are a bit off-topic, I’ll describe it in all detail later in the journal I’m gonna launch sometime today.

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DAO enzymes are what are responsible for breaking down histamine. That is what gets depleted when using medications such as these. Then when we go off them, our bodies do not produce it naturally. And it can lead to rapid heart rate, anxiety, insomnia, food sensitivities and other things that many of us are already struggling with. I recommend a low histamine diet to anyone coming off medications. It’s very helpful. And it doesn’t have to be permanent
It’s like Ambien man what are you doing

I work with entheogenic herbal preparations and they help a lot too.

Last night I took an over-the-counter, homeopathic stress reliever called Calms Forté (bought from CVS) that really helps my anxiety, should I have any before I go to bed and would keep me up. When I felt its effects kick in I decided to meditate because I hadn’t tried before

so what happened? did it work or help ?