Theta brainwave cheat

So I decided to google to see if any drug increased Theta brain function. I found out that antihistamines both sedating and non sedating increase theta amplitude and theta/beta ratio. Just thought it was worth while information because they can be gotten over the counter for cheap. Now I’m off to check into a webpage I found claiming gods frequency is 39.17 MHz

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Are you talking about Peter’s Popoff investigations from year 1987?

As for antihistamines… did you check for unwanted side effects, if you take them without any disease?


Check this… I’m afraid, the frequency you got has nothing to do with “Gods frequency”. It was the frequency of the receiver that Peter Popoff used by his wife. He claimed, God would communicate with him and give him the information he was revealing in his TV shows. But in reality, it was just his wife cleverly finding information and forwarding it to him through an ear piece, that was on exactly this frequency. That’s how others found out he was nothing more than a con man, when they tuned into this frequency.

Sorry to destroy your bubble, but God is not on frequency 39.17…

Alec Jason and his assistant, Bob Steiner, had hardly set up the tape recorder and turned on the scanner before the scanner zeroed in on frequency 39.17 Megahertz (MHz). The feminine voice boomed loud and clear over their private earphones, “Hello, Petey. I love you! I’m talking to you. Can you hear me? If you can’t, you’re in trouble, 'cause I’m talking as well as I can!” (Her voice suddenly becomes business like.) “I’m looking up names right now.” Jason and Steiner knew that they had struck pay dirt! The funny thing about it was that it turned out that God was a woman; God spoke on frequency 39.17 MHz (in a band width normally used only by police and fire departments); and God sounded exactly like Popoff’s wife Elizabeth!


Yes it was popoff’s investigation that’s pretty good knowledge if you knew what it was just from the number u less you googled it. I was planning on saying how it was just a preacher useing technology to pretend to have a gift from God. I didn’t really think it was true just shared because the claim was made. It took me so long to respond because I read the whole page and I’m not really the fastest reader.

So I know that alot of take antihistamines Instead of sleeping aid because they work just about the same. I’ll do a Google search about I’d there’s any side effects and post again.

So there was a list of side effects from antihistamines

  • Drowsiness or sleepiness.
  • Dizziness.
  • Dry mouth, nose, or throat.
  • Increased appetite and weight gain.
  • Upset stomach.
  • Thickening of mucus.
  • Changes in vision.
  • Feeling nervous, excited, or irritable

I personally thing it’s worth giving a shot to start useing them a little while before meditation or attempting trances.

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I used to access a theta brainwave state within 5 minutes with a YouTube soundtrack


5 minutes is pretty impressive your still doing a meditation for trance while listening to the soundtrack right? Also please share sound track might be the only thing someone actually uses from this page.

Over the last years I have researched in many so-called spiritual drugs.

However, after looking at possible outcomes and reports from many people, for a long time, and considering all sides, I decided for myself I’m not gonna try any of them. One major reason, besides possible side effects, was that it would be hard to say if what experienced were caused by the drug or a true experience… but not only that.

The only thing I started using recently is Ashwaganda, which is said to help clean the 3rd eye and is only a supplement, good for health too.

Personally, I try to achieve brain states and such rather without using anything which can do harm, even if it takes longer…

I was meditating , mostly laying down trying to visualize my goals and get answers to questions within my subconscious, sometimes remotely influencing people , a face mask like for one that covers your eyes for sleep and this helps tremendously


Lol I was thinking you remind me of my friend David but don’t really look to similar but there’s the connection researching drugs he knows so fucking much about basically every drug. He has the gift of hearing people but has never done anything further he told me he failed to speak to the dead.

I wouldn’t be dependent on a substance I don’t mean to be a pain in the ass about stuff you already know , but that can really destroy your work if you become dependent on something for a desired affect you become weak without it

Thanks for sharing it, John. I’ll try it … unfortunately, most of the youtube stuff is useless and created by many only for business reasons. But, from time to time, there’s a jewel in-between. So, it’s good to hear from others, if something has worked for them.

My succubus helps me to identify the good ones and has even teached me additionally some techniques over the time, I can apply to reach faster or easier some states… as for identifying the good stuff, we can maybe not communicate directly, but she signalizes me things with touches.

How does that work? As example like this: I put something in I know she reacts to and works… then I switch to something else and new… if she abstains from everything, like touching me or not feeling her (depending on what we try to figure out, she may rather be like pressing hard on me), I know, I can simply skip something and not waste time. Isn’t that amazing? :smile:


They are operating from a dimension where they can read our mind and subconscious so it makes sense

Yeah… that’s true. The only thing they can’t influence that much is sometimes our stubborness.

From time to time I’m not listening to her, and then I try something the hard way anyway lol
Because, I may want it to work, even if I may know, that she may not approve, like something or may not work… I do it anyway. Only to find out, what I could have known before, that I probably could have skipped it. lol

So as someone that’s had really powerful from the use of mushrooms I’d recommend trying it. I got angry and my aura projected red over the entire rave building and everyone as in everyone immediately started to leave I had to just speak outloud even though no one was near anymore an apology for my anger and asked everyone to come back the red disapeared and everyone came back. I’m not sure what you mean if it was caused by the drug or real. Did you research aioaska the church’s actually tried fighting the government about it being illegalized.

I appreciated hearing you been able to over come the hearing problem, just out of curiosity have you ever like meditated with her and see if she can just make you see a word, occasionally I’m able to just read a message given to me from a spirit but sometimes when they try it just gets all blurry.

Yes, I did. And it’s illegal in germany. As actually any and all others I researched. This only adds to the many other reasons I abstain from.

I found many reports of people who had truely horrible experiences with it. It’s beyond what I’m willing to risk. And, as it’s suggested to mainly not try it alone, and as I would rather be it somewhat safe, because of this effect it could have, and I don’t wish to introduce anyone of the friends&co I have living nearby in this, that’s one more reason why it’s further no option. If I were elsewhere and knew different people nearby… I don’t know, it may have been different. But under the current circumstances there’s too many reasons that speak against all that…

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I was doing bonding and the power of suggestion on my succubus wife making her feel good then thought about it she’s probably trying to do the same thing to me but because I don’t hear her it’s not taking effect so I firmly told myself just because I can’t hear her doesn’t mean I can’t feal her effect then got a huge energy boost while feeling like my body wasn’t in normal air anymore. I came to realize because of this that she’s a nice chunch more advanced then me but I do pretty good at times being able to just command her to orgasm she’s so much more receptive then me if I was as receptive as her she would have so much fun just watching me twitch in ectasy.

Well I think the fact that you’d be a trooper if you had the crowd and location. Personally I think DMT would be one of the best resources when my teenage friends were explaining it to me when I first Hurd of it they were saying how when they did it, it was like there mind instantly jumped out of there body’s and they either were surrounded by animals or an elf I believe is what he said I’ve safely never been able to do it, I would want to summon Lilith and when in a meditation where she’s hanging out with me then get high and hopefully just go into full vision mode with her. So what have you tried? Acid? I was able to project my image o the presedent the first time I did acid I offer o shake his hand and no response then started to say hi to another world power then told myself I need to be quiter with my thought then firmly said no I need to have wiser thoughts so I’m always worth hearing then Obama said commendable and shook my hand. Befor that I was watching the vines crawl and rocks roll and realized I was getting a glimpse through time. But every other time I did acid it was just fun I never had the visions through time again or the sense of hightened magical ability.

Hey I work in a pharmacy and antihistamines were actually prescribed to me as a mild anxiety tablets!! So it is perfectly safe to take just don’t operate a car. It will increase your drowsiness and like mental functions. Basically slows everything down!

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