These works have such concise pertinent knowledge that no one can equal

I would just like to say that this author delivers what he preaches. He says that he will cut through all the charlatan vagueness and elaborate on the very subject that others selfishly guard.

Yes i do really think that those that have not sought this kind of knowledge should be spoon fed it. On the other hand when others decide to travel in this direction and actively seek the information, i do not think they should be misled or fed volumised text interspersed with tit bits of apt information.

Please all join me in thanking EA for this rich fountain of information.

I really like the video courses and books that I’ve gotten this far. The only book I would say is along similar lines, that I’ve read and worked with, is liber null and psychonaut but that still lacks in some areas where koetting expands upon. As we learn more, as magicians, who knows, 10-15 years this material may be obsolete compared to what we know then. For now, certainly Eric’s material is the best training out there.