These past few weeks Belial has taken on some form in my mind

So in my head, he’s been taking this image of Peter Pablo. He’s this 2000s rapper I used to listen to. You might remember his song, freak a leak.

I don’t know what style he dresses in, but there’s this calm but masculine air of charisma and power to him. However, I know he’s one of the 8 demon kings. In fact, I believe he’s the most powerful. Belial comes off as alluring, but passively intimidating. I want the power he wields, but it’s frightening.


Same, I have felt very called to Belial recently and I get what you mean about the power he wields. I really do enjoy his energy and I feel he is closer to me than before this drawn period.

Jesus is often portrayed as a white guy. Belial is apparently showing himself to me as a black guy. Idk if it’s meant to be a contradiction. Or maybe he’s using a familiar image.

However that power he wields, it’s earthly power and it’s meant to be for challenging us. So he likes to play antagonist.

I don’t know why I find Belial as Peter Pablo so funny, but I do. It seems weirdly fitting though, from the impression I’ve gotten of him, though that’s just from you guys. I’ve not met him but I’ve been told he’s come around before.