There's Money To be Made in the Dark Lords Work

I post this humbly as a means of offering suggestions, not to be overly antagonistic, but because I want movements like BALG to prosper. ANYTHING to displace all the Abrahamism.

The “free” ebook from Michael W. Ford turned out to be a sample chapter with approximately 2 pages of actual content. I am interested in reading the full book, but I can imagine why others would leave with a bad taste in their mouth…

And EA/Tim: For the love of all that’s unholy…Can you please remove ads from youtube videos?

I have no problems PAYING for legitimate spiritual services, so it seems like it would be preferable to
mention a link to a Pateron donation (or other alternatives who aren’t so keen on deplatforming “offensive” content creators).

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I’mma use the Title when I ressurect Communism

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Why would you want to ressurrect a horrible system like-

wait, Communism results in evil, never mind. Carry on mister edgy.

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Don’t touch politics, Micah. We don’t wanna see you get banned. :persevere:

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Just wanted to tell u this because of what u said about youtube ads…
I pay money each month to youtube Red which takes away ALL ads from ALL channels! Its very affordable and u dont have to deal with any of that unwanted stuff. I watch hours upon hours upon hours each week of youtube so the cost is worth it. I pay $14.99 and everyone in the household gets unlimited ad-free content!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:just an idea if u hate ads as much as i do!

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Paying YouTube even though they do practices that actively harm content creators. Adblock removes YouTube ads without giving Google more money.


Is adblock available on a cell phone? I have to use my cell for youtube. I mostly listen while at work.

Oh, not so much. for mobile.

Ask and ye shall receive! :zap:

Praise Jebus and the Giant Flying Spaghetti Monster! :pray:

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