Theres a name in my head

Out of nowhere I started saying this name in my head. Out of nowhere. Can someone please tell me why this happens and how to stop it ? Would writing the name and then burning it make it go away. I called on god and prayed already. I will.meditate and keep strong. I feel alone as of no one could help me. And this is how I used to feel when I was little. What is this ? I have read its awakening. Please help companions. Yhank you for reading.

What’s the specific name? That would help a lot in folks giving suggestions. Depending on who the entity is, will most likely help you determine its motivation in contacting you.

Why are you panicking? If you get scared by a simple name, what will you do when you have to face nasties?
That name if its an Entity wants you to contact him. If you ignore it, eventually it will stop.

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Its just that it makes me feel as if no one can help me. Amd thus they will think Im crazy. Its a feeling like you are alone and no kne can help you. Its a feeling I used to have when I was little so I guess it awoke that samw feeling again. I have to be strong in this. I just want tk know if its soemthing bad.

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Can we talk via whatsapp or kik man , Im concerned. Thank you

That’s very specific. Good news your not crazy and you shouldn’t fear that. Entities commonly put their name in your mind when they’re reaching out to you. Look into the Great Archon of Gnosticism or Abraxas as related to ancient Basilides. Abraxas has been considered the “power above all”, “First Principle”, or “the cause and first archetype”.

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Thank you so much for this , can we talk more privately so you can helpe with this. Ive never experienced anything like it. I read that its the spirit reaching out to someone when a name suddendly pops in someones head. Thank you bro

Ok now he reached out , for what is he reaching out for ? Is this bad ? Whats next now ?

god of the gnostics-demonised by catholics for being “a pagan god”

his name is where we get “Abra-cadabra” from

Hello mani , should I worry about this ? Can we talk through message

Its nothing to worry about, I’ve been contacted by Abraxas before as well. He’s a spirit of great power and of magick. He’s essentially the essence of true monotheism

Whats this though , the name was just there out of nowhere. What happens after this ? I prayed to god when this happened. It made me feel alone amd as if no one could help me. Like I had something going on in my head that I knew no one would understand. What dk you think ?

Chances are Abraxas is trying to help you with a certain problem in your life. Many spirits come in our times of desparation or see a great potential in you. Ask yourself what you’re going through. Did you ever do any research on demonology or anything linking to spirits?

But it could also be the Egyptian phrase “Abrak Sax” which means “Hurt me not”

I recetly did 3 sigils. The most recent one I did it for confodence and social interaction and burned it. I concentrated on it purely with all my intention and burned it. The name popped up later

Yes I read liber lilith before

What can I do to stop this ?


Just forget about it.

You’re going around freaking out about a silly name in your head, which is about the worse thing you can do because you are putting all your focus on it which keeps it in your mind’s attention.

To remove the name, simply focus your mind on something else. Exercise, read a book, watch a movie, eat a good meal, do something to occupy your mind instead of worrying about it. Put your mind in your body and senses and ground yourself.

Please note that your mind has random names and words floating around in it all the time. Snippets of overheard conversations, or the name of a character from the last movie you watched, will naturally bubble up from time to time. This name may be that of a particular spirit, but it only has the significance that you give to it.

Release your hold on it and it will go away.