There's 2 spirits in my house and dunno how to communicate, Help!

I’ve saying some enns a lot special Leraje enn…and I asked a friends his level is higher than me at that stuff and he said Thiers 2 bad entities or kinda of entities with negative energy dunno he said they’re danger and told me to stop for a while doing that stuff :confused: so is there anyway I can communicate with them or something (I’d like easy way and useful one if you don’t mind​:sweat_smile:)
Thanks for your time!

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Well you can believe the crap someone else tells you, or you can trust yourself.

What do you think you should do?

Do you know how to perform basic scrying or evocation? Forget Enns for now. Have you tried to contact the entities?

If this all horrifies you, then stop, otherwise, have fun with it.

Edit: EA’s ebooks have everything you need. Purchase Evoking Eternity or find some evocation tutorials.


Lol if i was scared I would do it from the beginning I just want to communicate with them :l unfortunately dunno it as I read you light candles and focus on the sigil and repeat the enn or something

Pendulum, get a balanced thing on a string or something and use swaying on left and right as no, up and down as yes.

Or the other way around, your choice.

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A coin works too.


@thatrandomguy I like that idea looks easy for me thanks bro!

Can explain pls

He means (That if you’ll use coin) you flip the coin like time, head is “Yes” and tail is (No), you ask a question then flip the coin and the coin face will be depending on your question. That’s as I know…

you can use a pendulum to get yes or no type answers from any spirit.

I wouldn’t exactly recommend coins, as I know how to rig coin flips. I’d personally stick to tarot or listening myself

For you :v bit it’s my first time I didn’t mention it but I draw Azazel sigil and get the candles said the enn but nothing happened, your level at summoning must be higher than me so it’d would be easy for ya :v:

Doesn’t matter how good you are, coins are flawed… Pendulums are a bit better, but not much.

If you have a string and something that can act as a weight you can make a pendulum.


honestly, i think coins and pendulums are terrible tools for spirit communication. Even Ouija boards. They’re all too easily manipulated by the person using them, sometimes unknowingly.


I agree with that, hence my reluctance… Especially coins though, like I said, I can flip a coin to which ever face I so choose.

Pendulums, out of the three, would probably be my choice, but even then, I’ll take scrying and tarot any day

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Now it looks harder than I thought :0

It really isn’t too hard. If you want yes no, you can use tarot cards. Automatic writing is also possible. Pendulums work too, and are easy to use.

If you trust someone, you could get them to channel.

Or, if you believe these beings want to harm you, just banish and be done with it

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Everything in lifew worth doing is hard, that’s why so many people lead mundane lives of quiet desperation.

Either mage up and decide that hard is a marker for usefulness, or wimp out and go back to being someone who gives up at the first sign of difficulty.

Both are valid choices… :wink:


I’m not the type of the guy who gives up at the beginning I’ve been reading about spirits for 6months I guess, just waiting the exams to end to start the big work, just got mad bec of personal problem and draw a sigil and kept saying the enn >,>
But in your experience can demons/spirits do a physical change in the human body like something grows? :thinking:

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Well being attacked by an entity, like due to a curse, can make something grow. It can stress you out so badly that:

  • you grow an ulcer
  • you grow a tumor
  • you grow a drinking or drug problem


If you are looking at making something physically within yourself grow or shrink (again like a tumor), its better to ask a demon to help you find a way to change yourself instead of trying to get it to do it for you.

The demon may point you to a doctor or give you some topics to search for.

A better approach might be:

  • perform divination (say with Tarot) to figure out if you have a real problem and get some hints on what to do.
  • find some entity to work with based on your divination results
  • plan out what you want to task the entity with, again, using more divination if necessary
  • what’s it worth to you? how will you thank the entity?
  • evoke said entity and make the petition
  • when you get your answers either during the evocation, or in the minutes, hours or days that follow, make sure to thank the entity.