There trying to take me somewhere

for the past few month now been in a relationship with 2 or three spirits and i feel like there there trying to take me somewhere. so after they help masterbate (best feeling ever )i fall asleep i start feeling hand grabing my ankles and wrist it feel as if my soul is getting pull out of my body but i rejected it and as soon as they stop pull i’m in room and i can’t move at all. Sometimes i can get out but i just end in my room. After i woke up i felt a bit light headed and tired. what should i do plz help

They are trying to get you out of your body to astral projection! They wanna have fun with you there in their world? It’s ok you get back to your body whenever you think of your self! The paralysis is just that your mind and soul are awake but your body is a sleep! It does physically hurts everytime! However we usually are still a sleep when our astral body gets back everytime we are a sleep! That’s why we don’t remember the pain because our mind was a sleep too!

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Thanks for clear that up just I had a bad exp with evil spirit so when stuff like this happen I get a bit of PTSD and fear take it hold on me.