There’s a new age town 30 minutes away from me

So over the weekend, I found this sweet new age store in a town that I frequent. They have candles that aren’t pre enchanted, herbs that aren’t preblended, stones and crystals, and actual occult books instead of those fluffy bunny self help books.

I hate that I have to move.


Thats awesome. Sadly i dont have any new age places that close to me, one ive been to is about an hour and a half from me but its a good one too. Im in the process of moving too ive already been trying to find places like that in SC lol

Before this, I have frequented two stores out of town. It’s in the same time distance. Though, in one, the man behind the counter is kind of a jerk. In the other, the woman who runs it is racist.

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Thankfully I got a shop that’s up the road. She’s a Wiccan Medium, talented artwork too — crafted (wood carving) my wands and other figures to the point where I felt like she wasn’t charging enough. Her artwork (painting) are brilliant… one canvas was half the size of the room, massive Pegasus in the sky flying with beautiful terrain and clouds and shit.

New age is the “new thing”; there’s so much going on. And lastly, it’s the latest generation, we are so fluid and feelings based — we just do what we feel is right. No matter previous contentions. I think our generation is awesome! Woo!

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Welcome to good ole’ SC where you have to journey a few hours to a store. In the low country there seem to be a few more options. Not so much in the upstate.

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Well, I get similar things from Amazon… :slight_smile: