There is a spider

Lately as I’ve been working more with Belial, I’ve taken to daily offerings of a small amount of blood. The thing is, and this makes no sense I know, I feel like a spider.
I honestly don’t know any other way to say the way I’ve been feeling.
I’m just curious if anyone has insight in to this.
And I know I’ve been trying to help people the past few days, but I’m not pretending I’ve got it all my damn self if you know what I mean.
Thanks in advance folks.


Potential totem or power animal.

So you have multiple legs sprawled across your web, as you take in more and more problems you wrap them up as quickly as you can but a good spider does a decent job, with too many inscets in the web you maybe questioning your abilities as a spider?

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Yes power animal it can show you how things are connected and how to manipulate the strings to your favour
Many witches share spider as animal totem


I’ve been getting the centipede lately, which is funny because I HATE centipedes. But it is what it is.

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Hm. Thanks for the replies, I’ll have to look more into power animals and the like. I’ve never been a fan of spiders so it’s just a strange feeling.