Ever been sent to a therapist, or hospital, to be “fixed”, but its only been to make you more compliant?

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What do you mean by “compliant”?

let me guess, you have a situation happening?

Me? Actually, no. Not right now, at least. Years ago, I did. I was forcibly transferred from my public high school to a private special needs school run by nuns. It was brutal. The education was very poor. They forced us to do “Therapy” once a week that involved constant guilt trips. The teachers treated us like children and punished us for showing some intelligence. The nuns would go around chastising us. Kids who would bully or harass others would get a free pass. If you fought back, you become the bad guy. I once expressed my displeasure for the school and was put on suicide watch. I’ve been in several “Autism Treatment Programs” and they were very similar.

And by “Compliant”, I mean able and willing to fit into the strict system or into the mold someone else wants us in. To lose one’s sense of individuality and identity because it was “disruptive”.

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You mean your catholic mother didnt introduce you to The Switch, Crop, paddle?


Yeah, I can understand I guess. As much as I respect raising kids in a strict way, there is still a line that you shouldn´t cross. And this is the reason why they shouldn´t push religions down kids throats. It will make them resent it a lot. It will make the kids resent the adults even more. There is just someting perfect about system that teaches kids discipline, toughness, responsibility and freedom. It has to be done right but then again they use the religion as a excuse to be small time dictators. Not a surprise to be honest. At this point it´s called raising kids badly.

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I was 15. And really I felt like a criminal.

Yeah, that kinda makes it even worse. You were in the school for a long time?

That is horrible and an abuse of power and privilege. It is that kind of that gives Therapy a bad name. Mental health is extremely important (even more so when you delve into magick) and should be placed along side things such as exercise and meditation. Though there seems to be a stigma around it, and people who do that just worsen the outlook on the field altogether and actively destroy what they claim to seem to care about, which would be mental heath. A qualified and non-bias PROFESSIONAL, not some nun from a super strict and skewed school, would not dream of doing that to a kid.

I am sorry you had such an experience. It should have never happened :frowning:

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No, but I like to think she wanted to.

Sounds like my Catholic elementary school experience too.

Speaking as someone who is on the spectrum, yeah, those programs can be ineffective (and often outright abusive) depending on where you are in the US. I wasn’t put on one until college, because my mom thought “it wasn’t [the school’s] business”. The only reason she changed her mind then was that she though it would help me get my work done. Spoiler alert: it didn’t.

The nice thing was that it wasn’t abusive (especially considering it was run by someone on the spectrum), but I quickly learned that putting 30 students on the spectrum together in one classroom isn’t usually the best idea, because 1. most of them are introverts and prefer to just keep everyone else as acquaintances and 2. there was always one person in that class that everyone else collectively hated for one reason or another.

Either way, sorry that happened.

In therapy? No, I haven’t. And if you do, then it means that it’s time to switch to another therapist.

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Ryce: Yeah, it was pretty harsh. Many of us had to pick on weaker kids to avoid getting picked on by kids who weren’t even autistic, just juvenile delinquents. We were angry enough to do it. We took our anger out on those more impacted then us, even sometimes turning on each other. Nothing violent, but it was a toxic environment. I’m not proud of it. But I was considered weakest in my class.

I was obsessed with Dante’s inferno because it made me feel better to think there was a place people who hurt me would go. I turned to esoteric christian magick and became very self righteous. I changed to Pagan in college and LHP later on. Even today I still enjoy Dante’s inferno. I’ve been using references in my novel, now that my protragonist, Dante, is in the demon world. Hell, I’ve made the gates to hell a freakin night club door with “Abandon Hope, Ye Who Enter Here” written in graffiti. The idea is to point towards my fear of inadequacy. The only difference is that I no longer see hell as a place of retribution, but a place of dark wisdom and rebirth. And one in this realm is made to face both their fears and desires.


I love that quote.

Hell is that awesome final level you go to in video games with the boss monster, but then it isn’t really final…

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