"Theory of everything"


Help help, i watched this now i’m confused even about my own existence and actions.

Do you guys know how legit information all of this is, and if it is all legit does it anyhow fuck up the existence of demons and realms… Because uhh, damn i cannot even explain watch the whole thing or skip about 25 minutes from beginning until they start talking about quantum physics.

Athene’s Theory of Everything

Sorry if this is off-topic, i just thought someone could be interested in quantum physics and other science stuff here, and maybe also at the same time enlighten me more about it… Considering existence,will,and other realms than this universe… Time. I suck at maths btw, so this is bit hard for me to understand in most of its aspects.

After watching this video and checking out the channel for about half a minute I can make a few statements.

  1. Video uses hypnotic imagery and vocal pacing and tonality.
  2. Video makes declarative statements of ‘fact’ without giving evidence to back them up.
  3. The channel is clearly using hot button hype to tap into the mass general populations media programmed triggers.

That does not mean what the video says is false or true.

Much of what we can perceive is limited by our paradigm/worldview and we subconsciously edit out things that don’t make sense. Read up on reticular activating system.

Think for yourself.

I think there were some sources on the description but i haven’t yet checked on them…

I get a bit too excited when the subject is existence,time,universe,basicly everything … so i need to take breaks that i don’t get “left in my head” unable to live in mundane way - that’s why even if i’m very interested in all knowledge of “everything” possible i need other people to help me rationalize it

There seems to be a following video, but i only watched couple minutes because it think its time for me to watch/read something totally “pointless” for a while now for me :D… Too much stress for my head today already! except now i’m so confused about the whole aspect of time that i’m not sure if today was tomorrow, or if its going on right now or what the fuck.

the next part ? or at least this was linked to it : The Afterlife Dysfunction

And yeah, the channel is a popular youtube celebrity’s channel… But still i guess even he can, and why couldn’t he do a serious research of quantum.

And what my view of reality has to do with magic: of course mostly everything, because it affect how i think - and also how i view magic… And so forth how i can use it in a way that makes sense for my reality. I know its real in a way, and the demons and gods are real i feel it… Maybe i need validation that i’m real, that reality is somehow understandable for me so i can change it better.

How i see it, that we are in this complex game like in a machine and demons/angels and gods are like we think we are, they can upload us stuff and program our world - but if we learn to use ourselves right we can also do this very potentially from the point we are standing from… Just a thought. Also lets not forget aliens, there must be many kinds with different potentials and meanings.

I don’t mean to sound like i’m in psychosis, i have been quite silent here lately and now i’m bursting out hundreds of words :D. But even if i’m silent i’m constantly thinking and perceiving the world, and the magical and mundane miracles and non miracles around me every day.

+++ Also i just thought up that there are so many humans, and what is to say who’s logic is the best. there must be so much reality that we haven’t yet explored and maybe many options for realities… as many as there are human. I think something else than human might now better. Fuuuck i’m thinking so hard today.

None the less we can be proud of our magical achievements and existence, being sole ourselves, yet capable of having connections and co-operations with others. Do you love being YOU? I do love being me, that is existing for me… And its better than peace and unity with everything.

And you guys are right, i should do my own research and then present it to you or not present. But it will take time, it will take physical activity, scientific thinking, and spiritual activity from me - but i guess its one of my life jobs to do so… At least to do it for myself.