Then end of suffering

About a month ago, I made posts about helping my friend leave this plane. We have had many custom spells cast on him to let him leave his body peacefully. Many of the spells were passed down through people’s families.We have hired people who control the powers of the black rainbow energy. We had a native American shaman cast a spell on him. We contacted tons of psychopomps/gods of death. We also had a reaper spirit bound to an object in his room.

We cast our own spells and created sigils. We waited all the time limits that the spell casters had told us. We also are working with Azazel to manipulate his aura to allow the processes to go fast.

Anyway, we now might be in luck. We found a magician, who for a low price will bind his astral body to an astral vessel, so his consciousness won’t return to his body after sleeping. She will then break the binding later.

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A large bottle of asprin would be cheaper. Not that I am suggesting such things.


He wants to leave in his sleep.

I’m sorry to say I don’t think this will work and pretty sure you are getting scammed. If I’m wrong and it does work then I apologize but everything I know points towards anything like this most likely being very difficult and extremely uncomfortable for the one subjected to it at the very least.

Just my input on this and I’ll leave it be. Wish you the best of luck with your chosen path I’m just worried your letting yourself be taken advantage of and might do better focusing on advancing yourself and your friend and if that doesn’t work out then hopefully in the process you learn what you need to perform this operation successfully on your own without needing to gamble on others.

I would say your friend’s best bet for this is to raise his own energy and vibration and then master astral projection to the extent he can fully leave his body and opt not to return so he only needs to rely on his own skill and development to make this choice.


I wouldn’t have said it any better.


I think essentially paying somebody to do this for you means he’s giving up his free will. His thoughts on what he wants is clear but are the thoughts of the person performing the act just as crystal? Are they in sync ? It feels like this person just wants the easy way out. Of course I don’t really know anything about them. Are they sick or are they dying?

Will u please get back to us on the outcome of all of this? This is one of the most interesting posts ive read so far on this forum. Thank you. Sounds like your friend is suffering from a fatal illness and needs to leave due to severe pain. I am sorry that he is going through that. And i am sorry for you guys who are having to watch him suffer. There are only 2 states that have laws allowing assisted suicide. I wish that crossing over was as legal for humans as it is our beloved pets. But until that day, it would be nice if magic could help someone cross over if they so desire.

I’n not so sure this person is suffering from disease, it sounded like he just wants to leave to me. Am I wrong?

We will have to see in two weeks when the binding finishes.