Thelemite exploring lefthand path

Hi I’m new here I’ve practiced ritual magick for over 20 years. But am new to the so called lefthand path. My self I have come to believe that duality is I’m open minded about demons and berry interested.

Welcome to the forum.

This is not the correct place to put an introduction, so I have moved it to the proper place.

What systems of ceremonial magick do you have experience in?

Golden Dawn. Wicca… Chaos shamanic of course thelema. I’ve been working with lilith n asteroth lately

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Thelema is an LHP. GD Hermeticism and Wicca ain’t. Welcome to the forum.

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I agree hadit is lucifer. A lot of thelemites won’t agree but it’s obvious. He is the solar hermetic lucifer

Kenneth Grant and the typhonian order is some really cool shit to me. I think duality us illusion so lefthand right-hand all the same although I do understand the difference in reunification with nuit and apotheosis. Or is it different