Theives stealing from my dead father

As I mentioned in another thread,when my house was broken into a number of things of were stolen including the change that my daughter and I put on my altar dedicated to my father was also taken.

My question is will my father go after the person that stole it or would I need to call him up to do this?

I usually don’t have 2 way conversations with my father.I usually just burn incense for him and play something for him with his old guitar that I have behind his altar.

More dedication and showing my love for him than doing any practical work.

But if he were alive he would for sure be there for me right now.

Any tips on how to go about petitioning him would be great.

I have a stick from the graveyard where he’s buried,some dirt from his grave,pictures,and a couple of plastic skulls for looks.

I also have a clay incense stick holder that came with an “ansestor altar kit” I purchased.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Well you have to have communication with him first of all. If he agrees to a working, then you can send them.

Thanks Euoi.
Any tips on how I could get this started?

I’ve never done any practical work with the dead.

I know what kinds of offerings to give but other than that I don’t know how to send them on a task.

I don’t know how much different (or the same) the dead are with this.

I’m not worried about working with my dad because of who he is but the last (and only) time I worked with the dead it almost bit me in the ass.

Thanks again.

I combine aspects of conjure with my Necromantic practices.
You can make a poppet with a petition paper and the name or description of the target stuffed in it. Call your father and restrain, stab, etc the poppet.

Thanks bro.

I’ll get to work on this as soon as I have time.

I’ll just have to describe the crime committed being I don’t know who did it or what they look like.

Well, being that Necromantic sorcery is all sold out, sadly. Does anyone have another reading they could recommend for someone interested in necromancy?

I have four threads on Necromancy. Since then the spirits have changed parts of my practice, but the structure is still the same.

Thank you!

Feeding your emotional energy into whatever ritual you may decide upon would be most prudent. While this may seem like common sense, I’ve seen far too many cast aside the emotional aspect and look upon their ritual work within a purely mechanical mindset. Even a machine needs fuel before all the parts start moving; your emotion is an excellent source of fuel. Furthermore, don’t simply focus upon the anger alone…

Instead, fixate yourself upon the sorrow caused by these situations and how they’ve affected your psyche. There’s nothing a parent responds to more than the pain of their child. These emotions will be the kindling for your seething rage upon the finalization of the ritual, using that anguish feed the thirst for vengeance. It should be a progressive transition from pain to rage, and if you follow the path correctly…you’ll feel empowered by the end of the ritual regardless of whether or not anything of substance has actually transpired.

I yell at my spiritual table. I light a candle for prosperity or to fuck somebody up. It works. I’m like you motherfuckers better protect me. To what the fuck I’m broke as shit. Help me with money. It works for me. Plus the formation of the cups makes a difference. Look up Sanse on YouTube. I learned a lot from my Padrino about that and Egun. But you have to understand even if u never find out your dad is torturing that guy. The dead play with their victims like a cat. The best thing you can do for him is dedicate a cup to him and light a candle for him. Give him as much energy as you can so he can take it out of the guy who robbed ur houses ass. Thers ceremonies to Feed ur Egun to give them strength. But I was told you have to be a santero to do it. And the song is 30 minutes long. The best thing to do is take a glass of water and dedicate to him. For 9 days lift it up a little higher. Take books and stack them everyday. Spend time each day talking to it meditating. Light a white candle in front of the cup say I’m doing this to give u light. It’s a process but it makes the spirits that walk with you stronger.

To bring money in. It’s a horse shoe facing the wall with ur main cup in the middle. Just go to ur table and let loose. This mother fucker yo I got no money. My fuckin landlord. Emotion. They lived just like you. They know what is was like. That’s why sometimes the dead are so fast. They’re here. They remember the pressures of life.