The Zagan Experience

I don’t know if this belongs under the decoding your dream thread, but I did do an evocation to Zagan and felt a fairly powerful presence. Later than night I had a weird dream. Before I began dreaming I felt a presence in the room while I was calling out Zagan until I fell asleep.

The first dream I had, was that I had gotten into an argument with the girl I desired. We were in the military for some reason, and… then aliens invaded the earth and I had to save it in a giant Mech suit, think of something like halo mixed with the Edge of Tomorrow.

  The second Dream I had, started with me being a prisoner of war in a Nazi death camp.... think of Hogan's Heroes but in a slightly more advanced prison. I managed to escape by impersonating a German officer. I gave them the slip, but they followed me into the woods, I did manage to escape and I woke up. 

 Any thoughts? I did ask Zagan to help me fundamentally change my life to make me feel more powerful and because I require a transformation in my life for a certain issue. I hope this doesn't sound stupid. I am just trying to figure out what Zagan is trying to tell me.
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First dream: sense of importance + warrior instinct
Second dream: survival instinct + use of intelligence

He’s trying to bring to the surfface the hunter inside you, or something like that.


Oh, well thank you!
I am wondering how else to unlock these aspects in me?

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Psychodrama always works fine to me, why dont you give it a try?

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Interesting, I was exposed to fears and stress, sort of simular to yours but different scenerio

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