The World Has Ended

So recently it came to my attention that the world ended.
Go figure. For those who don’t know, the 11:11 full moon in Aquarius yesterday, amplified the new era by the same name, as The Age of Aquarius, which began this year. While this age has been around for a few months now it wasn’t until yesterday that the energies really settled that we have entered new uncharted territory. It is said that each age lasts about 2000 years. I won’t get deep into the astrology involved, because it is way too complicated to explain in one post.
So what makes this new moon so special, and why am I going so far as to say that the world has ended? Well for starters this new period of time marks an age of Spirituality. You may notice an invigorating or amplified spiritual interest, or some of you may even be coming into Spirituality for the first time. The masses will also be waking up a little more, as we as the collective human consciousness raise our overall vibrations.
Aquarius also brings with it speaks of creativity or joy that we may be feeling. I predict some extreme advances in the science both physical and sacred will be made. While this change does so far apart to have some really positive potential, it does have it challenges. Any empath can tell you that as of the last 4-6 months the energies we are acquainted with face felt off. Well it was due to the start of a new era, which brings it new energies. Some new magick I gave seen recently included working with dream energy and starseed collective magick, as well as additions to the extent in which energy plays a part in our everyday lives and even how spirits gain power through this system, grid magick (and subsequently transfer energy techniques), as well as even soul creation. We’re also seeing an increase of those too ascended matters and even divine transformation/ desenscion.
These new areas are the start of the redefinition of magick as we know it. Hope you all take these new tunes as they come and create an Earth you want to see.

A link of an in depth explanation of the new moon:
A brief discussion of the ages:


Yes it is interesting and good times like this and I’m glad people are enjoying and sharing the shift … All I’m hearing is new age stuff similar to these including those Galatic ones where people believe we will be downloaded frequency to unlock ability which I laugh at. The paradigm shift is obvious to the ones who read upon any shift then observe their reality, , humanity and civilisation constantly evolves.

The world has ended as we know it, they had to crash the system for a particular reason and they’d use coronavirus as the forefront for this to happen. As they implement these measures humanity will probably go through a progressive but destructive evolution into the new world and we will surrogate into roles and identifies much much different from what we’d know now.

Didn’t mean to brush off the topic into something like this, but all I’m saying is that this year was very chaotic , we’d be much prepared and eyes peeled over the next few years… take care :slight_smile:


I had prophetic dream of the world ending completely


Yup. Almost everything will change within the next decade. I agree with you. The next few decades will be chaotic.


So is this why im suddenly feeling really nihilistic…


I had a dream of donald trump dying, seemed pretty real too.


So a normal day in a world full of 7.8 billion people, chaotic. :man_shrugging:


But what does one choose to focus on in the midst of it all? Do we ignore the chaos, embrace the light, or question it all?

I mean we’ve been ignoring it all our lives and just rode it like usual, chaos is a natural part of life, this is just a chaos that’s been sprinkled with some new age ideologies that make it seem different. But it’s all just speculation.


Do you feel the chaos in the energy and observe it in yourself and around you or is this just another massive thoughtform/egregory created to give us the illusion of feeling this way? Or perhaps both?

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I don’t believe this form of chaos is an energy but the collective state of mind caused by the events happening around us. If it were an energy it would just be ambient energy, just like ambient energy feels a certain way during spring, summer, fall, winter but still is ambient energy.

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Excited about the chaos. This world needed a change anyways. Sheb let Ctulhu egraa, lamasloth. Sheb let Nyarlathotep egraa, lamasloth. The old ones rise again, soon to walk.

Speaking of the Aquarian Age, as far as I remember around 20th of December this year Jupiter and Saturn are entering Aquarius together, this happens once per 360 years or so as far as I am concerned. Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024 or so. In February 2021 there will be 6 planets in Aquarius alltogether. Cheers

Me too I’ve been excited about it about time people start questioning things

Thanx for the note about Feb having 6 planets in it useful

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In my view the aquarian age have has its doors opened for a long time now
the thing is people are not passing trough it, everyday people is more aware of the spiritual dimension of life, but the blindness of the Piscis era is still present, In a way there are people living already like in the aquarian age, but there are people stuck
I think when most of the peolple crosses the aquarian door, then it will really begin
but for now most the world is still waiting

now people is more awake, and Uranus in Taurus is helping, but saturnian energies are still been harvested against of this wakening

in a way december might be a crucial date for humankind as saturn will conjunct jupiter in the first degree of aquarius so there might be lots of limitations for people as a collective, I hope people will no longer buy saturnian limitations, and start seeing the uranian and neptunian truth beyond the fake limitations of this earth

I think that will open up the path for real to the aquarian age

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Very interesting viewpoints there, I can definitely see that being the case. And more likely than not it is. Thanks for sharing.