The wonderful and wierd wizarding world of Orismen


So I had to unbind a spirit from a talisman today. The time for our parting had come, so with tearfull eyes I prepared a ritual if unbinding and a ceremony of thanks. This spirit liked being in nature so I planned on holding the ceremony out on a country backroad near a grove of trees. Pretty spot, and a nice way of saying thank you.

I headed out to the spot which was a few miles away from where I work. I was prepared to do the deed an hour before I was set to clock in. I drove out to my chosen destination when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a big yellow school bus. No problem I will just turn down a road and let it pass…what the fuck why did it turn down the same road? No problem…I will just turn down…REALLY? grits teeth ok…maybe this time…MOTHER F**KER!

I got lost, but I finally lost the fucking bus. I drove back to my chosen destination parked, got out and what to my wondering eyes should appear but THE.SAME FUCKING SCHOOL BUS!

It stopped just in front of where I had parked and let children off… I glared at them from the ditch in the side of the road I was standing in, curseing their bus route, magic tools in hand.

Well if I see anything in the local news about a local hairy wizzard who hates children I will have a good laugh.

If that happened to me I’d have to know WHY - I’m not one of those mad “it’s a SIGN!” types :o) but still… did you do any divination on it afterwards?

Good thinking, I didn’t do a divination. Who knows it could have just been that I happened to turn down all the wrong roads.

Or all the right roads? Just sayin’!