The Wild conversations between Lucifuge and Myself

These are conversations between myself and Lucifuge. Mostly, just before and after Waspurgasnatch.

Lucifuge giving me advice or something along those lines … :thinking:

If we are bound somewhere, to something I can assure you its because we chose to be. And we can chose to other wise at anytime.

The Magician must “court” his goddess. Show her love, affection, and up most devotion.
Working with a goddess is much like working with a lover. If she isnt in the mood the magician will get no where.

A goddess must feel like her magician loves her, adores her and puts her before all others.
Shes the Queen.

If the magician cannot treat her as such then it is time to move on.
She should be his Queen.
No excuses!
If this isnt something he can do then move on.
You will find a magician who can and will treat you the way you desire.
Your the Queen accept no less.

Either he can help you achieve your goals or he can not.
He will have to decide.
Either he wants to be in this with you or he does not.
But another will, so he can make up his own mind.


The Black Magician
You work with is a tool.
Utilize them that way. Just like they have tools to help them… They are tools to help you.

So you must find the one that fits with your needs.
Sometimes its just not a good match, or they are either not able to perform the tasks you are asking or not willing. Either way, you have to keep searching find the one who can complete the tasks and reach your desired goals.

Magicians, must stay focused on the goals. If they lose focus and regain that focus its time to move on.
Its always a give and take, so make sure they are giving back. It is you desire, your will and theirs.
But you have to stay in charge. Power is a great motivator , so is love, wealth, revenge… So on. But you do not have to accept any deals or pacts. And if you decide it’s best you can leave the agreement.

You have plans and goals and those must be met. Become aware of ALL of your tools, you always have more than one. Its becoming aware of them that makes the difference.
Either they do what we want or we move on. Dont become stagnant waiting for one magician to come around. Move on to the next.
Its not judgmental or cruel its just facts if they cant give you what you want /need in return for what you do… Then move on. Maybe later they will be ready for you. Sometimes that is the way.

Your magician is your tool.
Focus him on what you desire, train him to know and feel you.
To understand you.

He should be able to perform at the expected level of the task.

If he cannot, simply move on. Your desires are most important, you want things and those things should be met.

The Magician should be able to work with you. To serve you. If he isnt than he isnt ready for you.
Teach him to be the perfect tool. Like a lightening rod, you strike the rod (the magician) and he the rod … Sends out what you desire what you will…
Except no less.

The Queen choses whom she will and she can unchoose at anytime.

A goddess doesn’t sit by and wait A goddess searches for the one that can and will do what she wants done.
Either they can do what you need or they cannot its a waiste to wait around.
Let them go and find another.