The "White Mist" stage with scrying

Hi, I’m looking for any advice that would help me get a solid image in a scrying device? I’m usually on the evocation side of things, but I’m having trouble communicating through scrying. Im able to get into the TGS fairly easily -I know this because when I eventually pull out of it, I can feel a very distinct sensation that tells me how deep I was in, so that isn’t the problem. When evoking I can feel the presence of the entity, I just struggle to see it.

In a way, I’m struggling with structuring. I’ve been practicing with the Devils stone technique -trying to structure objects, and I can use my magickal imagination quite well, I struggle when I try to bring my vision into materialisation. So I guess that links in with my scrying issue. I can’t appear to get to the white mist stage, I can see specs of things move in a mirror or water when I try, but never anything solid.
Any advice would be very much appreahiated.


Not everyone sees the white mist. As long as you’re seeing something, continue.

Try to keep going and relax your mind more. Chances are if you continued past the white mist stage a bit more you would be right where you needed to be. Most of the time it is impatience and frustration that stops many people from continuing where they were on the brink of achieving it.

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