The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

For the past few years I have been working mainly with the Fire Tarot deck. I really like this deck, and although I have always appreciated the imagery of these particular cards in an aesthetic sense, whenever I do readings I don’t really delve too deeply into the actual symbolism on the cards, rather referring to the traditional meanings based on the Rider-Waite deck . I’ve now decided to meditate on the actual images on these particular cards, as I feel this would be an interesting way to gain further insight into the tarot. This is probably something I should have done ages ago, when I first got them, but anyway better late than never.

So, yesterday I started with the Wheel of Fortune card. Traditionally (well as I’ve always understood it), this card signifies good luck/ good fortune when in an upright position, and bad luck/ bad fortune when reversed. It also represents the cyclical nature of things. When I was younger and going through a really unhappy period in my life, I found a lot of comfort in this card’s message of ‘things will improve/ the wheel is always turning’ etc. I found it comforting to know that when you are at your lowest point - do not despair - as it means the wheel will soon be ascending once again.

In the Fire Tarot deck, the wheel of fortune card depicts a wheel in the sky. It is composed of, well, fire lol, and within the wheel is a man. When I started gazing at this card in a meditative state, it appeared to me that the man was actually controlling the motion of the wheel, not just simply ‘going along for the ride’. The message that I got from this was that ‘you ARE in control of your life/destiny’. You are steering the wheel, and can choose to speed up the cycle, slow it down, reverse it’s direction, or even pause or stop it completely. I realise this must seem very obvious to members of this forum, and even though I KNOW this, I often ‘forget’ when things in life seem to be going badly and I start feeling overwhelmed by negativity. Also, often in my life, when things are going well, there is a little voice in the back of my head telling me- ‘well, you’ve had a good few days/weeks/ months- soon you’ll be experiencing a bad period again. The wheel keeps turning after all.’ And, of course, due to expecting that things will turn bad, I end up attracting that very negativity into my life, and I do end up experiencing a period of bad luck. I realise now that I need to make a conscious effort to change this pattern of thinking- I need to remember that I can ‘pause the wheel’ when things are going well!

Another idea that occurred to me while looking at this image was that the wheel (being a circle), is infinite, and in reality there is no top/ bottom, no fixed points. Just like in space there is no direction- there is no North/ South, East/West, up/down etc. These are man-made concepts, which are used to describe the position of something RELATIVE to something else. I am still trying to understand the exact meaning of this message, so apologies if these thoughts sound a bit jumbled. I think it has something to do with, again, deciding for yourself ‘where you are’ in your life. Also, things aren’t always what they appear to be at first, so a seemingly shitty situation could in fact turn out to be beneficial. Sometimes we need to change the way we look at things, we need to look at the situation from a different PERSPECTIVE.

Well, that’s what I’ve got so far. I found it quite inspiring and a nice little reminder of the power that is within us all.

I’ve been continuing with my meditations on my fire tarot deck, and I thought I would share some of the more significant insights that I received. Below is a quick some summary of some of the cards that I’ve done recently:

Magician: The most important message that I received from this card, well what I considered the most important anyway, was the reminder that infinite realities exist within our objective reality; each person’s mind is a ‘subjective universe’, which coexists with other subjective universes, within the objective universe. This has helped me with my paranoia issues. When I start feeling paranoid and jumping to conclusions, I remind myself that the scene I’m playing out in my head could be completely different to what is actually occurring in reality, and this helps me to put things into perspective.

Empress- The message was from this card was basically that it’s important to take time to indulge in Earthly things/ activities on a regular basis; to live life to the fullest while in this physical dimension. An important reminder for people like me who aren’t very grounded. Be mindful when doing even everyday mundane activities and try to appreciate it for what it is.

High Priestess: She is facing away from the fire in this image; choosing instead to face the darkness. Clearly this symbolizes, imo, the need to turn within, to the inner world- ‘The answers you seek are within’. Follow your intuition.

Thanks for posting this. I’ve actually been wanting to do the same. I figured I would “open” the cards as you do with a sigil. I’m planning on starting with The Fool, and work my way through in numerical order. I do believe I’ll start tonight.

I’m actually doing the same with my Witches Tarot just memorizing the basic symbolism and meditating to get a deeper understanding of them.With the Priestess though since its a feminine card i get that since she’s sitting between 2 pillars white/black with the waxing and waning moon and holding a scroll and sage that she doesn’t let the lighter side or darker side of her emotions decide her actions but lets reason and wisdom dictate her actions in a balanced way.